Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

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I'm going to have to drop I'm afraid. 2 people with 8 hour time difference + a really busy schedule means no go for me.

BAM_UR_DEAD gets the victory.


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Acinod and I finally got round to playing, I won 3-0. Was a little bit of hax but it was even. sending log.


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Taxie still hasn't been on, since the 2nd. I'm really running out of time, especially with the time difference. It's Taxie's night atm. Tomorrow morning I have class and tonight I'll be unavailable.

I guess we're not getting our match done. I don't really want this to come down to a coin flip (especially since I've been available everyday :/) but there's no other option I guess.
Blue Kirby has been extremely busy lately, I've contacted him a couple of times but he hasn't been able to come on to get the match done. Bad timezone matchup also hurt. I'm starting to doubt whether we can get the match done or not =(
Lost to BK, 5-0 =(
made a lot of stupid mistakes, was outplayed and outpredicted, great game though ^_^
good luck with the rest of the tourney!


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Lost to rmega in an interesting game. He's not too bad himself.


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first battle in 2 weeks. And it...was something nice to come back to I guess. Haxfest on both sides. I enjoyed it, it was a fun battle. Maddog wins 2-0. Good luck man and good game.

I want a re-match in the future, that doesn't involve a lot hax. x)


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I have a new goal. To be dead last in the predictions tournament out of people who predict every round.

Basically I just invert all my predictions and have a head start on anyone who tries to compete with me!

Have a nice day.


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I've sent like, 4 or 5 PM's to Thunda in the past week, but he's only replied to one and hasn't been on Shoddy at all. =\

Hopefully I can get this done today, he comes on regularly (almost everyday) but maybe he just doesn't check his Inbox.
Cynthia and I keep barely missing each other (like yesterday, when I came online I saw Cynthia leave a few seconds later). Hopefully we can get this done today.
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