Smogon Tournament #5 - Rules and Registration

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Smogon Tournament #5

Welcome to the Smogon Tournament #5 Registration Thread! Here, you will learn all the information you need to know in order to understand and participate in the fifth Smogon Tournament!

What is Smogon Tournament #5?

Smogon Tournament #5 is the official Smogon Tournament which recognizes one person whose skill is greater than everyone on the Smogon Forum! It is a standard OU tournament that Smogon runs once a year to test players in the current meta game! However, getting in is slightly stricter than getting into most other tournaments.

Joining Rules
  1. You must have a good standing title on Smogon. This means you cannot have the "I Could Be Banned!" status under your nickname.
  2. You cannot join if you have freshly joined. For example, if you registered on Smogon the same day registration opened, you will not be allowed to join. This is due to questionable activity
  3. If you have recently joined Smogon, you will most likely be denied entry due to questionable activity. See #4
  4. You must be a solid poster. This means you should have at least a good number of posts (100~) quality posts. This doesn't mean going around posting one liners. If you're lacking this requirement, most likely, you won't be allowed to join. This is the saving grace to those who recently joined.
  5. If you have registered with a join date for quite a few months at Smogon but lack posts, your eligibility will be put into question due to your idle time. You can't call it lurking for six months to a year. We'll determine if you're active enough to join.
  6. You can only join with one account. This is obvious regardless as creating a second on the forum is general is not allowed.
If you discover that your post was deleted that had your registration for Smogon Tournament #5, that means you were rejected from joining. You broke a rule from the above. Do not post asking to register again if your first post was deleted. There will be a 256 player cap. All registrations after that will turn into substitute slots. There will be a need for substitutes.

Specific Rules
  • Please send a log to Sonuis labeled like so: Round # - Name vs. Name (Score as Win-Loss). These are vital to getting your matches counted. If you are having a format issue when you open up your log, rename its file extension to .doc.
  • Scouting: This is a blanket rule. Understand that it is severely frowned upon, but it can't be controlled by any means. So if any player playing their match, I want to ask that you leave if they request so. Please resource the original creating/joining a tournament thread.
Basic Battle Rules
  • Species Clause
    • You cannot have more than two of the same species of a pokémon on your team.
      • Example: You cannot have two Charmanders on your team.
  • *Uber Clause
    • Pokémon in the "Uber" tier list are not allowed to be on your team.
  • Sleep Clause
    • You cannot put two of your opponent's pokémon asleep at the same time.
      • Using moves that put your own pokémon to sleep like rest will not trigger the Sleep Clause.
  • Evasion Clause
    • A pokémon cannot use moves raise its evasion stat.
      • Traits and Moves that indirectly increase a pokémon's evasion do not break this clause.
      • Items like Brightpowder do not break this clause.
  • Freeze Clause
    • You cannot freeze two of your opponent's Pokémon.
  • OHKO Clause
    • A pokémon cannot use moves OHKO moves.
      • Example: Fissure
  • Self-KO Clause
    • If both players are down to one pokémon each, you are not allowed to use a move that KOs both pokémon to force a tie.
      • If a recoil damage move forces a tie, then the Self-KO Clause does not trigger. Please notify Sonuis if this happens during your match.
Questions and Answers
  • Q: Will there be a Predictions Tournament like last year?
    • A: Why of course!
  • Q: The Uber and OU tier lists have been changing recently. Will we be allowed to change our team throughout the tournament as the tier list changes?
    • A: No. The tier list is static, in other words, set, at the end of registrations. So whatever the tier list is when the registrations end for ST5, that is what we will be using for the rest of the tournament.
  • Q: Will this be played on Shoddy Battle or via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection?
    • A: This will be played on Shoddy Battle. The reasoning behind this is that the Wi-Fi connection is unavailable to some people, or acts poorly to them.
  • Q: Just wondering, if we were rejected can we at least sign up as a sub?
    • A: No.
If you have any questions, please PM them to Sonuis. If they aren't answered in the thread, then the Q&A section will be updated with such details. Registrations end when we have at least 256 players, and the substitute registrations die off a little.

Good luck to all who join, and have fun!

  1. Junior
  2. KD24
  3. Ryo
  4. Shiny Crobat
  5. tennisace
  6. Dan Dan
  7. Kefka
  8. Goldfan
  9. Puggy
  10. Fabbles
  11. Veteran In Love
  12. Lunar Fang
  13. MetaNite
  14. Legacy Raider
  15. Aeroblacktyl
  16. latinoheat
  17. Gouki
  18. Jirachi268
  19. Rojo23
  20. Sikh Assassin
  21. Mordock
  22. Giga Punch
  23. Nachos
  24. SithLord
  25. darkie
  26. Twash
  27. Jackal
  28. Bass
  29. Fland
  30. Obi
  31. Duck Tape Son
  32. Kevin Garrett
  33. Lesm46
  34. Celebi_trainer_ice
  35. Olie
  36. Stormtrooper
  37. Thorns
  38. RB Golbat
  39. Stathakis
  40. Astamatitos
  41. Serenity
  42. Maniaclyrasist
  43. kane
  44. Olimarman
  45. Sarenji
  46. Flashstorm1
  47. Xpert
  48. Alakapimp
  49. Ripchord
  50. Xenogears
  51. Highstakespkmn
  52. M Dragon
  53. tito
  54. Cynthia
  55. Eo Ut Mortus
  56. Mekkah
  57. Gaborik
  58. DSupreme
  59. UpInSmoke13
  60. Fear
  61. jimbo422
  62. OGBaLLiN
  63. Dormin
  64. august
  65. Mr. Goodbar
  66. Great Sage
  67. thebattler1
  68. Havak
  69. Blame Game
  70. TAY
  71. Mystica
  72. MythTrainerInfinity
  73. DawnBringer
  74. Gymdude
  75. Andeby
  76. SilentEcho
  77. Turtwigpal
  78. moi
  79. SoT
  80. Jolteonn
  81. DR809
  82. Chileno4Live
  83. titan11
  84. Hipmonlee
  85. jigokujin73
  86. Sapientia
  87. alive
  88. TheDuzzMaster
  89. matty
  90. Squabbles
  91. .Baris.
  92. dragonites
  93. Kharozz
  94. LonelyNess
  95. dragonfruit
  96. darkartisan
  97. Zero
  98. Shaft
  99. Hasire
  100. goofball
  101. stone_cold22
  102. Rag
  103. TVboyCanti
  104. SkarmBlissCounter
  105. Ulquiorra
  106. Loki
  107. zerowing
  108. Pablo
  109. Bender
  110. MS
  111. reachzero
  112. JabbaTheGriffin
  113. Sephiroth32194
  114. Evil_Lord
  115. latios315
  116. acinoid
  117. Brawley
  118. Colonel M
  119. billymills
  120. 3N3MY
  121. Dak
  122. Zak91
  123. aamto
  124. Thunda
  125. LoveDestiny
  126. AbsolDeath
  127. Master of the Six Kings
  128. diinbong
  129. The_Duke
  130. Peachfuzz
  131. JohnR011
  132. Burnpsy
  133. Pride
  134. FiveKRunner
  135. Bogmire
  136. Flash_gearz
  137. rkatzam
  138. Marcel123
  139. Ninjarabian
  140. Seven Deadly Sins
  141. Sunday
  142. maddog
  143. Shiney
  144. HECTORtu
  145. FM
  146. altex
  147. Earthworm
  148. Magmortified
  149. Raistmagic
  150. Itchni
  151. darknessmalice
  152. Aeolus
  153. Elevator Music
  154. Myriad
  155. Mizuno
  156. gmax
  157. Giant Enemy Crab
  158. Blue Kirby
  159. IceBug
  160. Taxie
  161. C. Falcon
  162. scofield
  163. rekt
  164. Shade
  165. Mien.
  166. Amelia
  167. Dragonknight08
  168. Sudo
  169. Rahi123
  170. Khyl
  171. Phyres
  172. ss4_hybrid
  173. Banana292
  174. Xenon
  175. Ancien Régime
  176. locopoke
  177. Faze
  178. Max
  179. Mr. 378
  180. Rhykune
  181. Solidus
  182. binabik
  183. Willis
  184. Yuki
  185. Alice
  186. Kawl
  187. Accipender
  188. gotei(13)_hyorinmaru
  189. rmega
  190. iBojangles
  191. Veedrock
  192. tct93
  193. Sovereign
  194. chaos 9
  195. Kankuro
  196. Fishin
  197. BAM_UR_DEAD
  198. Harro237
  199. Chris is me
  200. Sixonesix
  201. Atticus
  202. theamericandream38
  203. dr00
  204. destroyer123
  205. Captain Falcon
  206. Wichu
  207. Battlulz
  208. Amre92
  209. XxFaintxX
  210. Articanus
  211. Huntofthelion
  212. Luphrous
  213. COalex
  214. zx95
  215. omni
  216. Tirsus
  217. Deksoe
  218. Twist of Fate
  219. itachi109
  220. Abacus
  221. R2
  222. Antique Roadshow
  223. batpig
  224. picklesword
  225. monta90320
  226. Warthog
  227. storm
  228. IchooseU
  229. Dangerous
  230. Brian McCann
  231. Crossfire
  232. timw06
  233. Seafan
  234. bugmaniacbob
  235. sora13
  236. eric the espeon
  237. Valantaro
  238. panamaxis
  239. Irak
  240. Pat
  241. Magnechu
  242. tacho
  243. Regice_94
  244. cyberzero
  245. Philip7086
  246. GG
  247. wiinry
  248. Jonathan
  249. skizoo
  250. blackshellbowser
  251. skarm
  252. Kay
  253. Limitless
  254. GameGirlColor
  255. Duckster
  256. newbioform
  1. jojiro
  2. Orion
  3. We need more subs! (Preferably)
sorry to disappoint but we already know that kd24 will win and is IN

edit: holy shit tsruaka or whatever is back. Ryo how you doing man?
I'm joining.

Edit: I'm fine and have a lot of free time now. I hope I do better than last year lol.
Well, I would like to join the tournament. I know that my post count is low, but I have been registered for about a year.

I just lurk around and rarely post unless a topic catches my attention. Another reason I don't post much is that English is not my mother tongue, so even though I'm pretty fluent in it I still cannot express myself as easily as if it were.

I will understand if I'm rejected. Good luck to everyone participating.
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