Smogon Tournament #9 - Finals [Won by gr8astard]

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While destinyunknown is a likeable guy, his constant complaining has been annoying as shit and success in spl/st9 has clearly gotten to his head. rooting for gr8 because atleast he hardly talks lol.
a win for user hugo is a win for problems ctc thunderblunder marth>smogon, theyre not quiet even if he is lol

slam dunk i guess, used to talk to him a bit when i started and hes a team rater so thats cool
i should be in the motherfucking finals if i wasnt so stubborn

get it, DestinyUnknown
Then again, that would be me if not for that hpump miss :P

Regardless of rulings in past rounds, I like gr8 and he's a darn good player (not to mention we can't let a tiger win), so gr8 to win!
wow, this is a win/win finals.

Either DUnk wins, and he is someone I actually like which is cool


Gr8astard wins and we all get a good laugh at how bad OST is.

rooting for both
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