Smogon Tournament #9 - Quarterfinals

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how many seconds in eternity?
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MOET vs gr8astard - dirty dirty dirty
MarceloDK vs DestinyUnknown - 'win at all costs' attitude sucks
Thatsjustpeachy vs WhiteQueen - shark
MAlkaviano vs Conflict - shark


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disclaimer: gr8 is a good guy, i know he's a good player, and i'm on fairly good terms with him. with that said,
Don't hate gr8 just cuz you can't be him.
shut the fuck up, what he did in the second round was absolute bullshit. while i acknowledge he beat some very good players, he shouldn't have even played them. exploiting a loophole to worm your way out of a loss is good reason for "hating".

peachy wins it all, btw...she's definitely the most deserving out of the remaining players left
These kids overestimate gr8astard just because its their buddy, while they underestimate conflict because they never spoke a single word with him.

I played both and i have a pretty good feeling that the latter is the way better player (altough that doesn't mean that much anymore).

Gl everybody.

Have a nice day
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