Smogon Tournament #9 - Quarterfinals

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MOET vs gr8astard - highlight match, i think the winner of this one has a good chance to win it all
MarceloDK vs DestinyUnknown - both players have been on a roll lately, but i think DUnk takes it
Thatsjustpeachy vs WhiteQueen - this is the second best match of the round, and i think whoever wins will get to the finals. it would be nice if peachy won it all after losing in the finals last year...
MAlkaviano vs Conflict - don't know much about either of these players except that theyre both extremely solid. i think conflict wins though
MOET vs gr8astard
MarceloDK vs DestinyUnknown
Thatsjustpeachy vs WhiteQueen
MAlkaviano vs Conflict

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos Tigres!
And Conflict
haha, king is a retard. with that said, guys let it go. while we don't condone what gr8 did, it's on double01's shoulders as well. they could of notified ew ahead of time or waited for the round to start to play. gr8 is a great player, this shit happened like 2 months ago, its over with, let it go.

gr8 and peachy finals would be awesome.

Aren't you overestimating Conflict because he's your buddy? Regardless, you're an idiot. The problem isn't with Conflict, it's that every single German member so far is incapable of rooting or acknowledging any Pokemon player that ISN'T German. I understand you wanting someone to win for your country! But look at the French, Americans, Asians, Brazilians and Italians all capable of acknowledging other players from across the globe, whereas you are so one dimensional, putting down any player that isn't German. It's not the fact that Conflict isn't deserving, it's that Gr8 has more experience in BW2 OU imo.

With that said, try acknowledging other players once in a while, you might find they are pretty cool people.

Gr8astard (get a name change dude, this name is so fucking bad)
Oh, i tought i deleted my post before submitting it...

Anyways, that's not quite true. I've read replies of german players (like Fakes and Lohgock) rooting and acknowledging others battlers as well, which means you're exaggerating quite a fair bit. In my opinion that's as bad as ignoring other nationalities.

But you're right about my post. While i personally don't care about national affiliations at all (in fact i've nothing to do with any of these guys and their embarrassing cheering most of the time), it was wrong to create a contrast between those very two players and excluding the others. Everything else is fine, really. I'm pretty confident with my judgements regarding those younger folks and Gr8astards skills (attention: i'm not denying his knowledge, but i just can't shake off the feeling that he's missing something to be considered a top player already yet). Edit: I'm correcting myself once again. I don't care about fucking performance, it's the shit he pulled, which indicates a bad attitude (subject to chance?).

I very much apologize and because i don't want to further heat up the thread, i'll be quiet again.

Have a nice day

PS: I like writing English, it's a good practice here on Smogon!


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MOET vs gr8astard - MOET is black, he has this.
MarceloDK vs DestinyUnknown - hot streak nigga gonna get a trophy. Death of Smogon y/y
Thatsjustpeachy vs WhiteQueen -he is taking this tournament way too seriously to lose. I actually think he might hyperventilate and die during this round, but we'll see.
MAlkaviano vs Conflict - GERMANY
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