Smogon Tournament #9 - Quarterfinals

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MOET vs gr8astard
MarceloDK vs DestinyUnknown
Thatsjustpeachy vs WhiteQueen
MAlkaviano vs Conflict

Moet to win it all :]


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bad word choice there bri. don't restrict whitequeen to one gender classification, he encompasses all and one.

edit: lol better


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Ok fine

Whitequeen whitequeen its the best. It tells this to all the rest.

Woooooo goooo whitequeenn
I hope conflict wins it all, he played really well vs me causing me to choke game 1 despite me having a huge team advantage.

And GL to whitequeen too, I hope he gets the t-shirt.
i don't see anybody beating gr8astard (unless double01 can sub back in), sorry moet buddy c: have fun, hopefully i'll be here for it..

good luck to marcelo and peachy, both cool players that deserve wins.. wouldn't mind seeing Destiny advance either c:

some really cool match ups, excited to see how it plays out.


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GR8ASTARD DABESS!!!! Great job Broet both games were close especially first one where it was up to flinches and couldv gone either way. Game 2 hax was very unfort but team matchup was very one sided ;[
gj guys Gr8 4 champion



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Playing Before Predictions Close: Please avoid playing before the predictions in the predictions tournament close. If you absolutely must play before predictions close, do not report the result in the thread until after the predictions close. Reporting the outcome will result in the deletion of your post. Attempts to nullify the match on the basis that it was played before the allotted time will be ignored and may result in a sportsmanship infraction.
damn i wish this rule had been around when gr8 lost in round 2! then we could have a fair ost

oh wait gr8's the reason this rule exists

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