Smogon VGC 2021 Major - Confirmation Signups ($1150 in Prizing)

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Battlefy Username: Lemon Pi
Pokemon Showdown Username: LemonPiVGC
Discord Username (include the numbers):
Battlefly Username: Roversombra
PokemonShowdown Username: Roversombra
Discord Username (include the numbers): SNV|Roversombra#2603
Battlefy Username: pokemongeneration4
Pokemon Showdown Username: kachaooo
Discord Username (include the numbers):
This is my first tournament, I'm so excited!
Battlefy Username: ManTheTan
Pokemon Showdown Username: Man_The_Tan
Discord Username: ManTheTan#1090
Battlefy Username: JhawkKing
Pokemon Showdown Username: Seelmonster
Discord Username (include the numbers):

In to win a game or 2
Battlefy Username: Loafus06
Pokemon Showdown Username: Loafus06
Discord Username (include the numbers): Loafus#6604
Battlefy Username: Galactc
Pokemon Showdown Username: Galactc9283
Discord Username (include the numbers): Galactc#3852
Nombre de usuario de Battefly: Micky2735
Pokemon Showdown Nombre de Usuario: Micky2735
Nombre de usuario de Discord (incluya los numeros): Micky2735 # 6597
Battlefy Username: Monster Blood
Pokemon Showdown Username: Monster Blood
Discord Username (include the numbers): Monster Blood#9239

This is the first Smogon tournament I'm joining, I'm looking forward to playing with you all!
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