Tournament Smogon VGC 2021 Major - Confirmation Signups ($1150 in Prizing)

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Nombre de usuario de Battlefy:RaMiiVeX
Nombre de usuario de Pokemon Showdown:RaMiiVeX
Nombre de usuario de Discord (incluya los números): RaMiiVeX #5346

Battlefy Username: Mabuuu
Pokemon Showdown Username: MaBuuuu
Discord Username (include the numbers):
Battlefy Username: InxCharlie
Pokemon Showdown Username: CrownlessArthur17
Discord Username (include the numbers): InxCharlie#6773
Battlefy Username: Potipoke
Pokémon Showdown Username: Potipoke
Discord Username (include the numbers):
Battlefy Username: Charan0612
Pokemon Showdown Username: Cherrycn1829
Discord Username (include the numbers):cherrycn1829#9373
Battlefy Username: jamalrandolph111
Pokemon Showdown Username: Xeno2000
Discord Username: Unknown2100#9923
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Good luck to all and thank you very much

Battlefy Username: hyzese
Pokemon Showdown Username: Hyzese
Discord Username (include the numbers):
This is the signup thread for the 2021 Smogon VGC Major! Use this thread to find out the rules and information of the tournament. This thread should be for player signups only. You are required to signup in this thread to play in the tournament.

Please make sure you've already signed up on the battlefy page here.

Once you have, please post the following information:

Battlefy Username: J-GM
Pokemon Showdown Username: Draco destro
Discord Username (include the numbers):Bling Bling Boy#1536
Battlefy Username: DerrickT
Pokemon Showdown Username: D3rr1ck
Discord Username (include the numbers): Derrick#6670
Battlefy Username: francescoalaimo98
Pokemon Showdown Username: alajmoff
Discord Username (include the numbers): alajmoff#3660
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