Tournament Smogon VGC 2021 Major - Confirmation Signups ($1150 in Prizing)

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This is the signup thread for the 2021 Smogon VGC Major! Use this thread to find out the rules and information of the tournament. This thread should be for player signups only. You are required to signup in this thread to play in the tournament.

Please make sure you've already signed up on the battlefy page here.

Once you have, please post the following information:

Battlefy Username:
Pokemon Showdown Username:
Discord Username (include the numbers):
Battlefy Username: CreeperClash
Pokemon Showdown Username: CreeperClash
Discord Username (include the numbers): Mr. Quacki#3446


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Battlefy Username: joshkartes
Pokemon Showdown Username: JashSmash
Discord Username (include the numbers):


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Battlefy Username: Blimax
Pokemon Showdown Username: Blimax
Discord Username (include the numbers):Blimax#9453
Battlefy Username: Ivian98
Pokemon Showdown Username: Ivian98
Discord Username (include the numbers): Ivian98#6570
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