Smogon VGC Live #15 May 21st


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Best of 3 top cut. Lives tournaments will be held every weekend from April until the end of August unless something else comes up. The times when each tournament starts is unlikely to change and are as follows:

Saturday at 7:00 PM EDT
Sunday at 5:00 PM EDT

  • You must join the SmogonVGC Discord server in order to participate.
  • VGC 16' with Sun Moon restricted Pokemon Rules. If it's not allowed on Sun Moon WCS Battle Spot, it isn't allowed here.
  • For the purpose of having the tournament run on time, strategies such as Minimize are STRONGLY discouraged. Please keep this tournament fun and fast; these strategies are neither. If time is called and you are using such a strategy, you will likely take the loss.
  • Competitors will play out their battles on Pokemon Showdown
  • Each round will last a maximum of 30 minutes. If the match is not completed within the timeframe, it will be up to the host to decide who wins or who loses.
  • When the Best of 3 begins, players must open 3 windows for each of their games to discourage changing anything between games.
Bracket for the Tourney can be found here! This thread will be locked since sign ups should be made in the battlefy page. Please remember to check in an hour before the tournament starts to guarantee your slot.
PS: As of right now we will be using Discord as a hub for the tournaments until I'm able to host private rooms on Showdown :x

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