Smogon VGC Live Tournaments - On hold (See post #180, page 7)

Hey just gonna make a quick note.

My brother is going to be playing on my Caleb gamecard. but he doesnt have a smogon(young) so i signed up under my name
Congrats to Impact on winning Saturday's tournament. Also we have actually started to upload the finals, find them on Smogon's YouTube channel.

Battle codes:
[22:43:48] Impact_vgc:GAME 1 MMDGWWWWWW3722KX
[22:44:18] Impact_vgc:GAME 2 9ZSWWWWWWW3722L7
Time for information regarding this week's tournament!

The OP has been updated with information regarding this week's Pokemon, however, please note that there will only be one tournament this week, which will be on Saturday. This is because this week's tournament is a bit special, as the winner will receive a Jolly shiny Rayquaza, donated by Steven Stone .

Nature: Jolly - Ability: Air Lock
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe - IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31

Dragon Ascent, Extreme Speed, Earthquake, Protect
Also, Steven Stone will be uploading a compilation of highlights from the VGC 15 season, which he will upload right before the tournament starts, so come a bit early to Tohjo Falls this Saturday to make sure you get to see it
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Congratulations to Yuga42 on winning this week's tournament! We will be back after christmas and then play with the VGC 16 rules.

[00:08:07] Yuga42: Game 1: W6BW-WWWW-WW39-3MYK
[00:08:51] Yuga42: Game 2: SB6G-WWWW-WW39-3MMS

Ah ok. Guess they missed/skipped me then.
I'm pretty sure I sent Groudon to all the Cacnea's I saw that were put up by people who participated in the tournament, maybe you got sniped?
Yo guys i know i promised the compilation but you already know Youtube crashed for me and everything. I tried to get it out afterwards BUT...


YEAH... You saw that right....
Idk man i just want to die.

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