Announcement Smogon VGC Monthly Tournaments

This year, we'll be running monthly tournaments based in the VGC discord, which you can join by following the "Join our Discord!" thread.

Saturday, January 11
Winner: Gnast
Saturday, February 22 Canceled
Saturday, March 28
Winner: TBA
Saturday, April 18
Saturday, May 16
Saturday, June 13

The tournament uses the official VGC 2020 ruleset.

Tournament Rules:
-Best of Three
-Replays must be sent to TO
-Pairings will be generated randomly through Challonge
-Tournament runs bracket-style Swiss through Challonge
-The player with the best record will win a $10 Nintendo eShop gift card
-Players must be ready for the tournament at 3:00 PM Central Time

Signup Rules:

-Sign up through the provided Challonge link.
-Once that's done, message me a confirmation of participation, smogon account either over the forums or on discord (NocturneOfShadow#6573), with a Cryptobin paste including Team Name, your In-Game Name and Friend Code, and the team paste. You can find it at .
-Teams can be edited and re-sent to me up to the day before the tournament, Central time.
-If I haven't responded to your Pokepaste the day before the tournament, it means I missed it somehow. Resend it to me. Please don't constantly be sending me teams if I don't get back to you at a reasonable pace.

Battle Rules:
Players will have a responsibility to complete their matches in a timely manner. Once pairings are posted, players will search for a battle using an assigned Link Code. The chosen ruleset must match VGC rules. Make sure the rulesets have been downloaded in your game before the tournament starts. Before each match during team preview, confirm your opponent's In-Game Name.

This is starting out pretty abruptly, and we'll be working out details as we go along. The goal is to find a tournament structure that works for as many people as possible, while still being a competitive environment and a tool for entering the VGC format. With that said, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. I'm just super hyped that we're starting something like this, and I'd love to see you participating.

-Team paste must be sent through a cryptobin paste (changed from pokepaste)
-Incorporated Challonge into signups
-Scheduled more tournaments
-Games will be played on cartridge
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To clarify potentially ambiguous circumstances regarding the release of Pokemon Home, Pokemon available only through Home will not be legal for February's tournament.

Sorry for any inconveniences this causes!
unfortunately, february's tournament didn't have enough investment. I'll be setting up the march tournament within the next week and figuring out a better way to reach out to people who sign up. Really hoping to see march interest go up! (I might add february's purse to march if there's a big enough turnout :eyes:)

March's tournament is up! This time, please reach out to me when you sign up OR sign up with either your discord tag or you smogon username (I'll be able to distinguish by seeing whether it has the tag number at the end)

Be sure to share this with your friends, and be reminded that if there's enough players I'm increasing the prize from the original $10.
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