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Welcome to the VGC PL III Admin Thread! Here I will be posting useful resources, regulations, and more!

Here are some Admin stuff pertaining to the tour!
There will be 8 teams in VGC PL III. Teams will field 8 starters and a minimum of 3 substitutes. There is no maximum team size.
We will draft using an auction of 120K credits, with each bid (for a player) starting at 3k.
The regular season will follow an 8v8 format, followed by a 7v7 playoffs format. (x4 SV VGC 2023 Regulation C)
Format Overview is as follows:
  • x5 SV VGC 2023 Regulation C​
  • x1 SwSh VGC 2022​
  • x1 SwSh Rotation with Series 5 and Series 7​
  • x1 SM Rotation with VGC 2017, VGC 2018, and VGC 2019​

If a player misses their scheduled time, after contacting the opposing team, the opponent can claim a win for Game 1 after 15 minutes, and Game 2 after 30 minutes assuming a substitute is not implemented.
  • You may substitute a player if a player misses their match, but they must not be fielded in the current week in another slot​
Ghosting, Cheating, or aiding teammates or other players mid-match is strictly forbidden, and will be punished with a set loss and ban from Smogon VGC tournaments. (Could be temporary or permanent)
Just use common sense. Be sportsmanlike, and don't be a nuisance. If it seems questionable, don't do it (or ask me/Aldrich). We're all here to have fun, don't try to ruin that

Manager Signups: April 17- April 23
Player Signups: April 14 - April 28.
Draft: Saturday April 29 11AM EST (<t:1682780400:F>) [streamed live here]
Week 1: May 8 - May 14
Week 2: May 8 - May 14
Week 3: May 15 - May 21
Week 4: May 22 - May 28
Week 5: May 29 - June 4
Week 6: June 5 - June 11
Week 7: June 12 - June 18
Semifinals: June 19 - June 25
Finals: June 26 - July 2

Week 1: SM 2017, SS S7
Scream vs Ohana
Kingambits vs Dozos
Ninetales vs Hurricanes
Aces vs Zoruas

Week 2: SM 2018, SS S5
Scream vs Kingambits
Ninetales vs Ohana
Aces vs Dozos
Zoruas vs Hurricanes

Week 3: SM 2019, SS S7
Scream vs Ninetales
Aces vs Kingambits
Zoruas vs Ohana
Hurricanes vs Dozos

Week 4: SM 2017, SS S5
Scream vs Aces
Zoruas vs Ninetales
Hurricanes vs Kingambits
Dozos vs Ohana

Week 5: SM 2018, SS S7
Scream vs Zoruas
Hurricanes vs Aces
Dozos vs Ninetales
Ohana vs Kingambits

Week 6: SM 2019, SS S5
Scream vs Hurricanes
Dozos vs Zoruas
Ohana vs Aces
Kingambits vs Ninetales

Week 7: SM 2017, SS S7
Scream vs Dozos
Kingambits vs Zoruas
Ohana vs Hurricanes
Ninetales vs Aces


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RE: calvonix vs valentinevgc week 1

Due to the PS Outage and both parties unable to find time rescheduling and both managers agreeing to deadgame, the match will be dead gamed.


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RE: Regulation D

Due to the early announcement of Regulation D ruleset, starting from week 6, players that are slotted in the Regulation C slot are allowed to Gentleman's Agreement Regulation D .if both parties agrees. The default tournament format will stay as Regulation C as of this writing.


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RE: MichaelderBeste2 vs JesseVG

Due to Jesse not responding from Michael's scheduling attempt in his wall for more than 5 days and no notice after the managers were notified ~21 hours prior to michael's activity , MichaelderBeste2 and the Zui Zoruas has has been granted an activity win.


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RE: Playoffs Format
Following the early release of Regulation D in Week 5 , a vote was conducted among the managers of the teams that have qualified for / can qualify for playoffs as to if the format should be changed to all Regulation D slots , a split 3 Regulation C / 2 Regulation D slot or keeping the format throughout the vote. Following the results of the vote, which showed overwhelming favor towards changing the current format, the format for playoffs will be as follows:
  • x2 SV VGC 2023 Regulation D
  • x3 SV VGC 2023 Regulation C
  • x1 SwSh VGC 2022
  • x1 SwSh Rotation with Series 5 and Series 7
  • x1 SM Rotation with VGC 2017, VGC 2018, and VGC 2019

* The top seed will be able to choose the legacy format of their choice first
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