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Name: Damo / Pan.
Metagames Played: 2013 until today, Incan play all the listed metagames
Timezone: Zurich, GMT +1
Inactivity: nothing planned for the next months
Bio (optional): My favorite Pokémon is Scizor and I‘m doing best when no one‘s watching >=)
Top 8 at Wolfe‘s Champions Cup, Top 8 at the NB Major as duffy and some smaller things
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Username: Eeveon7
Metagames Player: VGC 2021
Timezone: GMT - 4
Inactivity: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays until July
Bio: I'm a new Canadian senior player who started playing around the start of the pandemic!
I haven't played in many tournaments, but I got 12th place are the PC2 qualifiers
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Name: PasDer
Metagames Played: VGC 2021
Timezone: GMT+3
Inactivity: Possibly July 25-August 8
Bio (optional): Hey everyone! I am a somewhat fresh VGC player, started in summer 2020. Since then, some of my achiements are : cut 2/3 Spring VR Quals I participated in reaching T8 in #4, T33 in PC2 EU, also won the 1st TPL invitational. NPA 10 Snowbelle Blizzards member, player of AUB in PGL (league similar to NPA), went 6-2 in my first season there finishing 2nd. Multiple times T10 ShowDown ladder. Member of the Greek national team. I also really enjoy teambuilding and I am trying to shake up the meta by creating strong teams!
Name: Bertigo
Metagames Played: VGC2021
Timezone: GMT+2
I am always available
Bio: Top 8 galar circuit#7, runner up desafío Latam Grand Finals and Top16 Rose tower clash #1


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Name: charmarlin
Metagames Played: 2018 2019 2021
gmt -6
unavailable from 8am - 12am gmt M-F due to sleep/work. Unavailable from 8am 4pm gmt on Saturday and Sunday due to sleep.
Bio (optional):

started in 2018. Ranked #52 in NA CP before covid(332). Top 8 San Diego (ultra) Top 16 Daytona (ultra). Top 128 Dallas (2020).
Name: NotErick
Metagames Played: VGC 2021
Timezone: GMT -6
Inactivity: none
Bio (optional): i won a cool streamers tournament back in december that won me $250 USD, i also have top cut some grassroot tournaments and won 2 of them which i think is pretty epic. I love my horses. That is all. :blobthumbsup::blobthumbsup::blobthumbsup::blobthumbsup::blobthumbsup::blobthumbsup:
Name: Califlour
Metagames Played: 2021
Timezone: GMT -4
Inactivity: None
Bio (optional):
Casual player, started when the pandemic happened, won some money in a 100+ swiss+cut tour in the swsh server, qual'd in all the PC's I entered, and then restricted mons happened. I heard they're gone now though, sooo here we are xd
Name: Dnomy
Metagames Played: VGC 2021 Series 9
Timezone: (GMT-6) Mountain Daylight Time
Inactivity: Work and school, also a week or so of vacation, will have school in August
Bio: I recently am getting back into Pokemon, in Gen 6 I played competitively, I don't remember my ranking. I play lots of randbats on Smogon.


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Name: Memoric
Metagames Played: ALL
Timezone: +8
Inactivity: Will finish my semester by the end of June
Bio (optional): I don't actually main VGC lol but I promise that as a sub with a given team I will click all the right buttons and be a fun, positive team presence. Won the APAC League Season 2 (2020) as part of the Violet City Vileplumes with a team-leading personal record. Multiple-season participant of the Battle Spot / Battle Stadium Premier League, part of the BSPL I winning team. Renowned DOU player, with SSD, SPL, DPL, and winning individual tour experience. Top 2 or 4'd (I'm not sure anymore) a local grassroots VGC tournament once during the Gen 6 with Ubers era despite it being my first and only time holding a (borrowed) 3DS.
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Name: Xeb41
Metagames Played: VGC 18, VGC 19, VGC 21
08:00-14:00 daily and five days every month due to job. I know these days in the start of the month though
Bio (optional):
Top cuts at local tournaments and winner (Greek Community). Top cuts at M.t. Silver weekly tournaments. Qualification at PCII.
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This is the player signups thread for VGCPL. We decided to open player signups early in order to best gauge if we are going to need to bump the tournament up to 8 teams. Please remember that this tournament will be a 7-9 week commitment and will end towards the end of August if you chose to signup, so we request that you signup only if you can be active for a reasonable amount of time, or otherwise state any activity issues when signing up. You can see the introduction thread and manager signups if you're interested in those. Please only post player signups in this thread.

If you'd like to join the discussion, check out our VGC-PL-Central channel in the
Smogon VGC Discord.

The metagames that will be featured this year are:
- VGC 2021
- VGC 2019
- VGC 2018
- VGC 2017

To be considered at auction, you will need to post with the following format:

Metagames Played:
Bio (optional):

You must signup with exactly this format.
We ask for your name (username, not your real name) for organizational reasons and for the auction. The metagames played are those that you have experience in and are capable of playing in a tournament setting. Do not post a metagame that is not one of the featured tiers. Timezone is your local time relative to GMT which helps tell managers how it will be like to coordinate. Inactivity is simply if you have any extensive period of time where you will be unavailable, (for example, gone on vacation for a week) this is incredibly important for the managers to know so that they can do their best to make sure the team doesn't suffer from inactivity. Lastly, we have allowed players the option to include a short bio about themselves. We anticipate that many players signing up don't have much Smogon presence, so this is a fair way for everyone to give a fair impression. Smogon players are more than welcome to use Smogon tournament placements in their bio.

An example sign-up:

Name: zeefable
Metagames Played: VGC 2019, VGC 2021
Timezone: GMT -4
Inactivity: Tuesdays, vacation in mid June
Bio (optional): Top cut 3x regionals, Knoxville regional finalist, 30th Worlds 2016, I also was part of the winning team for Doubles Premier League on Smogon.

Player signups will be open for at least a week, and will be closed 24 hours prior to the auction.

once again, credits to Ubers because I stole most of this OP from their UPL thread
Name: Areku
Metagames Played: 21,19, 17
Timezone: GMT -4
Inactivity: everyday til 2 pm
Bio (optional):
Name: kimnaise
Metagames Played: 2021
Timezone: GMT+8
Inactivity: Before 9pm on weekdays. Vacation on coming weekends in June
Bio: S2 APAC League Champion (Vileplumes), NPA X Finalist (Monarchs), WCOP 2020 Team SEA
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Name: Wilfire70 (Lil Bo Peep on cart)
Metagames: 2021, 2019
Timezone: GMT +2
Inactivity: all June (exams grr), 24-28 July
Name: EclipseOwl
Metagames Played: Can play all, but preferably 19
June 20-26, July 23-30 possibly?
Bio (optional):
Worlds D2 (Seniors) D1 (Masters), EUIC D2, some locals wins and stuff. I just want to play Ultra Series.
Name: Sunrose
Metagames Played: vgc18
Timezone: gmt-7
Inactivity: no
Bio (optional): hey everyone! i mainly play doubles ou but vgc is also fun to play. BSPL4(2019) is my only team tour experience for vgc but I've also played in DPL, a couple Spanish tours, and DWCOP.
Name: Hayden
Metagames Played: VGC21
all June, possibly first half of July
Bio (optional):
Just started playing VGC in June 2020. Top cut some grassroots. Qualified for PC4.

The Goomy

Whitest Mexican Alive
Name: The Goomy
Metagames Played: VGC21
Timezone: GMT-4
Inactivity: I work a 9-5, but will be committed to the tour.
Bio: Midseason Showdown winner, NPA player.
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