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Art by Meganium1579


Each team has until Sunday, August 1st 11:59PM GMT +0 to report their match results and send in rosters for week 6.

Post replays from your matches in the thread below. Glhf gamers.

Bold = Win

:ss/gogoat: Gogoats vs Ohana

21: JinFurai vs Raineko
21: Spurrific vs frog!
21: deishu vs Smeg
21: Play on Birds vs InkVGC
21: Wilfire10 vs SeaSoil
19: no one interesting vs GalacticVGC
18: Footstool_ vs ZekromZeke
17: Sudoku Masta vs JeanMarc

Politoeds vs Elekids

21: Asada Shino San vs TJ
21: GoogleDad vs kimnaise
21: Ace Emerald vs Serapis
21: cyan_vg vs raisedintyo
21: Textfont vs Eddie1840
19: Teka vs TTT444
18: Void vs RdmH3
17: Brady1225 vs Raghav Malaviya

Luxray vs Stoutlands :ss/stoutland:

21: Kotomi vs AuraRayquaza
21: EternalSnowman vs Asuya
21: Namuko Pro vs PrimitiveVGC
21: DarkJorch vs Evelyie
21: xtra$hine vs Memoric
19: EclipseOwlVGC vs Zelda
18: PinkSylvie vs Oriol Plaza
17: Cobalte vs ChosenFuture

Magmas vs Eiscues

21: Clipperz1235 vs dev611
21: Animus vs z0mOG
21: SableyeVGC vs Shadowmonstr7
21: Prinz vs AtmosphereVGC
21: YoshiandLugia vs emma
19: zeefable vs Agati
18: maovgc vs shiloh
17: Tagmouse27 vs Human

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Welcome back to the AldrichYan Prediction again babies
I wonder if I should do it based on twitter follower again but I decided not to , this time will be smogon followers... oh wait nobody followed me here... But again welcome back to my bias mystic/misstic ald predictions again

Today's theme, the more epic player.

Gogoats vs Ohana
21: JinFurai vs PasDer - Jins cracked and hes jacked , gonna go high
21: Spurrific vs frog! - man the boys loves to play vs the epic spurrific. Low hope to get correct but an upset would make me pop off , and I never doubt you Darcy!!
21: deishu vs Smeg - Smeg's name is more epic
21: Liakos vs InkVGC - Liakos is my mentor and he is obviously more epic than ink
21: Wilfire10 vs SeaSoil - Heard a lot of good things on Alessio, but this is the epic Kevin Salvetto we're talking about, hope Ink can give him a challenge
19: no one interesting vs GalacticVGC - they are both epic, its tough on this one but I am a lowkey GalacticVGC fan when he was the #1 Senior NA in Ultra Series I think? its gonna depend if galactic brings his rayogre or not though..
18: Footstool_ vs ZekromZeke - Zeke is my hero
17: Sudoku Masta vs JeanMarc - JeanMarc is epic but I swore to myself that in every prediction I make , when there is JeanMarc there is a pick against him.

Politoeds vs Elekids

21: Asada Shino San vs TJ - TJ because of the subtweet, breaks my heart still to this day I havent moved on I thought we were friends.. Kionghie </3
21: GoogleDad vs kimnaise - Both are equally epic. Both beat me somewhere before I think? I like Harrold's team a lot because it feels very hyperoffensive like myself but I really like when Hakim uses things that is out of the box, I wonder if he still uses Caly Ice, that would be epic
21: Ace Emerald vs Serapis - Sorry Ace, had it anyone not named Serapis I woulda picked you here. Both are epic gamers
21: cyan_vg vs raisedintyo - Despite the tragedy that tyo did to me on twitter , I cant pick varoong against this man, or anyone actually /s. This is going to be fun to watch, 2 ladder heroes going at each other. Also like varoong said in the previous week prediction, tyo diff.
21: Textfont vs Eddie1840 - Textfont is epic and Idk eddie
19: Teka vs TTT444 - Teka and TTT are equally epic but I share a discord with Teka
18: Void vs RdmH3 - Void was my captain in APAC league and I think he beat my twin brother at round 1 on our first ever regional in vgc18 in Malaysia while my Round 1 is equally as hard.
17: Brady1225 vs Raghav Malaviya - huge fan of TA BSMIFFY babyy , Raghav is epic too

Luxray vs Stoutlands stoutland:
21: Kotomi vs AuraRayquaza - both are epic gamers
21: EternalSnowman vs Asuya - both are epic gamers
21: Namuko Pro vs PrimitiveVGC - 35k diff pls , primitive did something unepic on my last draft league experience with him so that made him less epic.
21: DarkJorch vs Evelyie - both are epic gamers
21: xtra$hine vs Memoric - both are epic gamers
19: EclipseOwlVGC vs Zelda - both are epic gamers
18: PinkSylvie vs Oriol Plaza - both are epic gamers
17: Pyreon vs ChosenFuture - both are epic gamers

Magmas vs Eiscues

21: Clipperz1235 vs dev611 - both are epic gamers but clippers my boy
21: Animus vs z0mOG - both are epic gamers , sorry Ryan ;-;
21: SableyeVGC vs Sunrose - I interacted with sunrose more than Ryan. both are epic gamers
21: Prinz vs AtmosphereVGC - both are epic gamers but I interact to Nate more
21: YoshiandLugia (sub) vs emma - i see the (sub) in fionas name so emma would be more epic than whoever subs in
19: zeefable vs Agati - both are epic gamers but i talk to zee more
18: maovgc vs shiloh - maovgc is epic
17: Tagmouse27 vs Human - Like I said ever since Toby won the Zelda VGC 17 throwback tour , I will never doubt the FAKEPGOAT in 17. Enosh is epic tho

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