Smogon VGC Tournament III [Round 1] (Check Post #2)

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My opponent has already not shown up to 2 different arranged times. He hasn't responded to my request to schedule a 3rd.


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Lost game 1 and won game 2 & 3 vs Shining Latios.

Very interesting games with a lot of thinking from either parts, ggs!
Posting for activity, I doubt my opponent will be online before the deadline as it is past midnight in his time zone. Tried to set up a time with him, he failed to show up, he failed to provide me with another time he could play at even after I provided him with my schedule =/


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Activity post; my opponent has neither responded to scheduling inquiries nor submitted a team.
Hate to do that, but I want the activity win, because my opp needs to long to build a team and probably forgot the deadline.
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