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Congratulations on making it this far! We're trying to stream as many matches as possible so POST WHEN YOU'RE PLAYING. If we ask you to stream, do it if it's possible.

Here's the bracket for the remainder of the tour. I did not actually sign up with Challonge so...oops!!!

Wet Prince v. LJDarkrai
Knappi v. Maxx C
PinkSylvie v. FlamingVictini
.Sanvy v. Wolfey
v. Jakuzure
riopaser v. Zelda
v. Player One1
ralfdude90 v. Nails


Favorite Pokemon: Skrelp

Wet Prince joined the tournament to get some BO3 practice to familiarize himself with the format. He has been playing VGC since 2010 and has won a regional and top 8 US Nationals in 2016. He started playing VGC because there was a regional near his hometown. He went as a junior and has been playing since. The most exciting matches of the tournament for him were his first two rounds. He lost Round 1 against a Gavin hard TR team and barely won Round 2. It made him start realizing he had to play hard to do well in the tournament, and here he is! Wet Prince is most worried about Wolfe in top cut. That might be problematic, because they could play next round!

Favorite Pokemon: Giratina

LJDarkrai joined the tournament to improve his knowledge about the VGC 2017 metagame. He has played VGC prior to joining this tournament and won the first Brazil Open of this season. He started playing VGC to get involved with something new, and has stuck with it since. His favorite set of the tournament was against Energy due to a series of crucial 50/50 moments that kept the game exciting. Like Wet Prince, he is most worried about playing Wolfe in top cut.

Favorite Pokemon: Nidoking (Shiny)

Knappi has been a mainstay in the VGC community since 2015. He made top 32 in German Nationals in 2016, fought his way to Day 2 of Worlds that year, and took 3rd place at the 2017 Milan special event. He started playing VGC since being involved with Pokemon since the first generation after finding himself looking for another way to enjoy the game. His most exciting round was his last round with Unreality. Knappi started 0-2 and clawed his way to the top 16 having won all of his sets since Round 3.

Favorite Pokemon: Hitmontop

Maxx C joined this tour because he was told about it by a friend of his. He's no stranger to top results, having made top 16 at ten regionals, top cut at 2016 US Nationals, and Day 2 Worlds in 2016. He picked up VGC after his cousin told him about it, and has been playing nonstop ever since. His favorite series of the tour was against a friend of his, Jackson Hambrick, where they played a strong set of Pokemon without too many luck elements involved. He is most worried about playing Wolfe, but would enjoy the experience as Wolfe is a player he admires.

Favorite Pokemon: Xurkitree, Milotic, and Tapu Lele in VGC 17. Sylveon in VGC 15.

PinkSylvie joined this tournament to further practice VGC due to not having real life events to attend. She took 20th place at her first regional and has participated in other local events. Unfortunately she has not been able to attend many other events, but is looking forward to the North America Internationals in Indianapolis. She first started VGC after watching Sejun Park win Worlds in 2014 with a Pachirisu. She went to her first premier challenge after worlds VGC 2015, though she did dabble in some Smogon tiers! Her most exciting match of the tournament was with Mr.GX, as her matchup was very difficult and required precise play each turn. She is most scared about playing Nails.

Favorite Pokemon: Victini

FlamingVictini had no VGC experience prior to playing in this tournament, and now he's in the top 16! He joined because he thought it would be fun to try VGC and has fortunately really come to enjoy it. FlamingVictini's most exciting round was his loss to Pokealex. Since FlamingVictini is new to VGC, he was intimidated by playing Pokealex, and was inspired to seriously team build after the round. FlamingVictini said he would rather not play Nails, as he does not want to hurt his feelings after beating him too badly.

Favorite Pokemon: Mega Salamence

Sanvy has been playing VGC since 2013, but started to take it seriously in 2014. He showed some of his best results in 2016, where he won a regional and took second place at two others. He started playing VGC because the idea of competitive Pokemon always interested him. He enjoyed real life events due to his experience playing Yugioh, and had a fairly easy transition into VGC. His most exciting set was his third round, as it was a real eye opener. He lost his first two sets and forgot to submit a new team for Round 3. He eked out a win with his previous team, and started to regain hope thereafter. He is most worried about facing Nails and Wolfe.

Favorite Pokemon: Chikorita

As VGC's most recent world champion, Wolfey is no stranger to competition. He was unabashedly interested in this tournament due to the cash prizes. He started his Pokemon career playing singles metagames. In 2011, there was a local VGC event near his house that he attended and won. Since then, he's stayed involved with the scene, showing off a medley of strong results up until his extraordinarily impressive victory at the 2016 World Championships. He didn't single out any matches as more exciting than any others, so hopefully we see some good games in top 16!

Favorite Pokemon: Manectric

Megamite signed up for this tour when encouraged by his friend to do so. He was initially skeptical, but the allure of strong practice and cash prizes lured him in. He has been mainly playing VGC online, without too many real life events outside of the Toronto regional he recently played at. He started playing VGC when he needed an activity to occupy him, and made some good friends in the process! His most exciting match was his Round 8 against lyingliepard, where he spent the whole set more nervous than he can justify. Megamite is most worried to play Nails, who he classified as someone he would have considered to be a VGC playing robot had he not seen the man's pearly whites in person.

Favorite Pokemon: Gengar, with Golisopod, Heracross, and Rowlet as honorable mentions.

Jakuzure has been playing VGC since 2013 and was initially attracted to this tour due to how cool the Smogon T-Shirts are. He's made top 32 at a few regionals and made Day 2 in US Nationals 2015, but has not been to too many events otherwise. He started playing VGC due to how cool he perceived the community to be. His most exciting round in the tour was his first one. He was nervous and uncomfortable with the team he submitted, and lost the first game of the set handily. He managed to adjust well and come back to take the set, and make it all the way to top 16 in the process! He's worried about playing the entire field.

Favorite Pokemon: Ludicolo

Riopaser joined the tour because it was available practice. He's had plenty of previous VGC experience, both in Seniors and in Masters. He took top 4 in Milan Nationals and Top 3 in 2014 World Championships in Seniors, and he's had even more results in Masters, where he most recently won the Milan Open. He started playing VGC in 2011 when his neighbor played the Madrid National and told him all about it. He got into competitive Pokemon as a result, and has been playing since. His favorite match was against his good friend PokeAlex during the swiss rounds. The sets were very close and particularly interesting as they know each other very well. He is most worried about playing Wolfe in top cut.

Favorite Pokemon: Gardevoir

Zelda joined the tournament after a chat with Nails. He was attracted by how large the tournament ended up being and the opportunity for good practice. He's been playing since 2012, and has accrued several strong finishes. He's won 3 regionals, made semifinals of a nationals, and top 16 at at the 2016 world championships. Before starting VGC, Zelda was one of us, and primarily played OU. He transitioned into VGC when he heard about live events. He was excited by the idea of traveling to play Pokemon, and has not regretted his decision since. His most exciting match was his Round 1 set against Lorcy. It was a streamed match and kicked off the tournament to a suspenseful start. Zelda, like everyone else, is worried about playing Wolfe.

Did not submit a player profile :(.

Favorite Pokemon: Gliscor

Player One1 joined the tour to give playing online tournaments another chance. He was having a very strong season and wanted to keep it up and have fun practicing and improving himself against the other strong players. His first season playing was in 2012, in the Seniors division. He played in Day One at the 2016 World Championship, finished in 17th place at the London Internationals, and had some strong regionals finishes. He learned about VGC from a friend of his, Nicola Gini, in 2011 at Roman Nationals and kept playing since. His favorite match this tournament was against Ezrael, who he practices with a lot. He enjoyed the set, even though he felt nervous about the games. He's most worried about Sanvy or Wolfe.

Favorite Pokemon: Salamence

ralfdude90 joined the tournament in order to practice against players in a large international tournament. He's a very prolific player in Latin America, having won the 2016 Peru Regional championships, taking Top 8 at the Colombia Regional 2016, top 64 in the Australia International, and Top 16 at Brazil. He started playing VGC to show off the power of Latin American players and that where you're from should not keep you from competing in a game you love. His favorite set of the tournament was his top 32 set against Edu in a streamed set. He is not worried about who he plays in the Top 16; he just wants to do his best.

Favorite Pokemon Alomomola

Nails joined the tournament to keep Smogon's biggest VGC tour in the hand of Smogon players. He's had one of the most impressive seasons to date, with a regionals victory, three top 4 regionals, a top 8 at the Australia Internationals, and a variety of other placements, leaving him ranked 3rd in North America and 7th Globally in terms of championship points. He started playing VGC the same time I did, when we attended the World Championships in 2015 for fun and participated in the Boston Open. We both top cut the tournament on no practice, said VGC was easy, and have stuck with it since then. Two years later, Nails is still playing VGC because VGC is still easy. Nails doesn't remember most of his sets but has enjoyed them equally, and is hoping for some more exciting matches in this top cut. He's most wary of riopaser, who has been playing very well lately, and FlamingVictini, who has demonstrated significant raw Pokemon talent for picking up VGC and doing this well his first time.

Deadline: 6/9 @ 11:59PM

In order for there to be a level playing field in regards to scouting as well as showcasing all of the top matches for the community to see, REPLAYS ARE REQUIRED to be posted in your win posts
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