Smogon VGC Winter League - Player Signups

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Metagames Played: Series9, 10 11
Timezone:GMT+8:00 Philippines Standard Time
Potential Activity Issues:I Play like at 8:00am to 1:00 in the afternoon if Im not online that means I'm in online class I don't play at Tuesday

Bio:I started playing competitive Pokemon since last year September but I have a lot of knowledge about Vgc
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Name: darkmaster491
Metagames played: VGC 2021 Series 11, VGC 2021 Series 10, VGC 2021 Series 9, VGC 2019
Timezone: GMT-5
Potential Activity Issues: I might be busy during the holidays. I'm usually available most days from 12 pm - 11 pm (GMT-5 timezone)
Bio: Been playing since JAA (Journey Across America) in 2006, cut 4 regionals with one of them being 2nd place at the Florida Winter Regional 2013. Made 4th place in the Smogon VGC 2021 Fall Scramble tournament (VGC 2021 Series 10). Made Top 8 at the Atlantic City Regional 2019 (VGC 2019 Ultra Series).
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Name: Huston
Metagames Played: Series 9/11/VGC 17/BDSP. Prefer to play BDSP or S9 though but will be fully dedicated to any
Timezone: CST
Potential Activity Issues: none that I know of
Bio: Top 8 VR qualifier 5 spring Series 9
Top 16 2017 Fort Wayne Regionals Masters
Mt Silver weekly win Series 10
Multiple top cuts in S9 in mt silver
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Hello everyone, I'd like to signup for the tournament.

Name: Dzhupito
Metagames Played: VGC 2018, 2019, 20, 21. I also played VGC 2016 and VGC 2017 but not in deep.
Timezone: GMT +2
Inactivity: until 6 pm GMT+2 from Monday to Friday (working time)
Bio: taking part to 2019 Pokemon World Championships. Top 64 Washington Open. Won some Premier Challenges and MidSeason Showdown

The Goomy

Whitest Mexican Alive
Name: The Goomy
Metagames Played: Series 9, Series 10, Series 11
Timezone: east coast USA
Inactivity: During the work day (7-4)
Bio: 25-7 all time in sets at live events (mid season showdown winner), NPA player last season
Name: SkadiZekrom
Metagames Played:
VGC 2021 Series 8-11
Timezone: Cst time
Potential Activity Issues: more active towards 1ish cst
Bio: ZekromZeke vouce for me
:ss/glastrier: :ss/delibird: :ss/glastrier:

This is the player signups thread for VGCWL. Please remember that this tournament will be a 7 week commitment with playoffs included and will end towards the end of January if you chose to signup, so we request that you signup only if you can be active for a reasonable amount of time, or otherwise state any activity issues when signing up. For more information, please check the commencement thread. Please only post player signups in this thread.

If you'd like to join the discussion, check out our VGC-WL-Central channel in the
Smogon VGC Discord.

The metagames that will be featured this year are:
- VGC 2021 Series 11
- VGC 2021 Series 10
- VGC 2021 Series 9
- Battle Festival Doubles
- VGC 2019 / 2018 / 2017 Rotation*
- VGC 2015

Do note: if the old gen rotation slots do not get enough signups they are subject to being replaced.

* You may choose to signup for individual metagames or rotational formats as a whole.

To be considered at auction, you will need to post with the following format:

Metagames Played:
Potential Activity Issues:

You must signup with exactly this format.
We ask for your name (username, not your real name) for organizational reasons and for the auction. The metagames played are those that you have experience in and are capable of playing in a tournament setting. Do not post a metagame that is not one of the featured tiers. Timezone is your local time relative to GMT which helps tell managers how it will be like to coordinate. Inactivity is simply if you have any extensive period of time where you will be unavailable, (for example, gone on vacation for a week) this is incredibly important for the managers to know so that they can do their best to make sure the team doesn't suffer from inactivity. Lastly, we have allowed players the option to include a short bio about themselves. We anticipate that many players signing up don't have much Smogon presence, so this is a fair way for everyone to give a fair impression. Smogon players are more than welcome to use Smogon tournament placements in their bio.

Posting a bio is not required, and if you have no activity issues you may leave that out as well, but filling out all 5 categories to some extent is at least recommended.

An example sign-up:

Name: zeefable
Metagames Played: VGC 2015, Gen 7 Rotation, Series 9
Timezone: GMT -5
Inactivity: 6:45-6:48 on Tuesdays and Sundays. Taking a vacation in the end of December.
Bio: top cut 3 regionals, Knoxville regional 2nd place, spongebob squarepants bikini bottom league champion

The Managers that have been selected for this tournament are:

Raineko & trace - Mistralton Aerial Aces - :swanna:

Kotomi & Helios of Sun - White Forest Weaviles - :weavile:

Teka & Setsuku - Geosenge Glastriers - :glastrier:

raisedintyo & abhayfive - Zui Zoruas - :zorua:

Namuko Pro & HanaS - Santalune Swarm - :vivillon:

Jomatoes & Evelyie - Circhester Cubchoos -:cubchoo:

Name: Areku
Metagames played: 17 on wards, can play 16 and 13 at high level
Timezone: est
Inactivity: Thursday’s
Name: jnqe
Metagames Played: all gen 8
Timezone: gmt-5
Potential Activity Issues: uni
Bio: only want to play bdsp rotation :)
Name: Coam
Metagames Played:
VGC 2021 Series 9, 10, 11, and BDSP
GMT -8
Potential Activity Issues:
Currently a contestant on SmORGon S17, but that will end in about 10 days from today
Active player since 2021 Series 8. I have been able to reach the mid 1500's on the ladder consistently with a variety of teams, and the 1600s in series 10. Tutored in VGC by Helios. I would love to be part of a team and can help with teambuilding and custom EV spreads.
Name: Erick
Metagames Played: VGC 2021 series 11, 10, and 9
Timezone: GMT -7
Inactivity: none
Bio: won $250 on a tour last year, thats probably my biggest accomplishment but other then that ive done decently so far, nothing too big but im trying to get better with time and maybe win something bigger one day.
Name: JoanGarcia
Metagames Played: All gen8 formats; can adapt to bdsp and old formats.
gmt +1
Potential Activity Issues: No
Been playing since early 2020. I like to play team tournaments and I'm good in them.
My best results are: Rose Tower Finals 5th, Rose Tower Winner and Top8, Desafio Latam (1-2 editions) 8x Top Cut and Finals accomplished, Top32 Battle Palace, 4x Top Cut Victory Road CG.
Name: TotallyNotSmol
Metagames Played: Series 11, 10 and 9
Timezone: Gmt-6
Potential Activity Issues: None!
Bio: I top 32d two series 8 tours (Womens Tournament 2 and a Rose Tower relaunch), and more recently, I top 32d a series 10 tour (Desafio Latam 2). I also like team tours alot! :D
Name: EnjeVGC
Formats played: S9, S10, S11, Battle Festival Doubles
Timezone: GMT +8 / SGT
Potential activity issues: College work can be rough, especially later when finals are coming up, I should be free all weekend
Bio: VR World Cup 2021 player for team Indonesia, Top cut a few grassroots tournament, been playing since mid S7, runs a Little Cup VGC community, also Garuda Draft League, a draft league community for Indonesian players, current roster of the Indonesian national team
Name: Onaika_
Metagames Played: VGC19 and Battle Festival Doubles
Timezone: GMT+1
Potential Activity Issues: I might not be able to play sometimes from monday to thursday, but I'll be able to play on weekends and fridays (if I don't have a lot of exams)
Bio: I'm the Sinnoh League Champion and I have won more online tours than WCOP players JuanfiVGC and AsurahVGC
Name: Martinique
Metagames Played: VGC 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 (all series)
Potential Activity Issues:
studing and exams but I dont think they are gonna be a big problem
Hi Im Martinique I play VGC since 2017 im from south america (paraguay) I won a bunch of midseasons in my country and the last 2 years I've been playing online tours very often I top cutted many tournaments. My best result was runner up in the first ever Desafio Latam (Fisrt edition) :)
Name: Theloafofbread
Metagames Played:s9 s10 s11
Timezone: gmt +0
Potential Activity Issues: none
Bio: I can’t think of anything interesting to put here


some call me papa neth
is a Community Leader Alumnus
Name: papa neth (former names over the year include Netherious, SHINKIRO, Sir Shivershaft, Bravo, and AshtonCoxRoxMySox[alt reveal])
Metagames Played: 11,10,9 BDSP, 2019 (my strongest formats are BDSP, 2019 and s10
Timezone: GMT -8 (California)
Potential Activity Issues: weekdays before 6pm PST available in the evenings. Dec 12th is a work day for me otherwise weekends all free
Bio: papa neth, played vgc starting in 2008. Played the original DP VGC on Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Not a ton of irl event results but have been top 50 in nearly every major format over the past 6 years. Best results have been in post worlds 2019 with my Ultra series team that got 2 top 8s, 1 top 16, and 1 top 4. (Groudon/Dawn Wings Necrozma + mawile)

my teams are historically innovative and I’m famous for being crackhead offense player with very weird defensive twists (shout out careful 212 spdef scarf Tapu lele) Anything over 5k is an overspend but if you wanna make me the next mr. 40.3k be my guest. <3
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