Smogon Wifi's 5th Annual Secret Santa Giveaway! [SwSh + BDSP]


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Now that I've finally delivered it, I can do a reveal myself.


Munna | 31/31/31/x/31/31 | Bold |

JuanJo's post told me that their favorite region was Unova, they like Dream Balls, and they like Psychic types, as well as cute Pokémon. To me, this immediately brought to mind Munna, who, alongside her evolution, is heavily associated with Unova's now-defunct Dream World, where Dream Balls originated. Additionally, they stated that they like to nickname their Pokémon, so the name I chose for this Munna was Njorun, after a lesser-known goddess of dreams from Norse mythology.

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday, and thank you to Lego for organizing this awesome event! I'm glad to have been able to participate again this year. and I'm so sorry that I'm so bad about answering my Smogon mail.
Master 'Dent @ Figy Berry
HT/HT/31/HT/HT/HT Hasty (Minted to Impish)
252 HP / 252 Def
Cheek Pouch
-Bullet Seed
-Body Slam
-Stuff Cheeks

This Pokemon goes to ZamielVanWeber as I was the Secret Santa towards him/her. I really wanted to do Shiny Munchlax because you hinted that the most on your favorites types and nature, but I was unable to get it on time as it was nearing Christmas and needed to get stuff done IRL. However this lovely Skwovet came in fast in 17 SRs onto hunting on the Berry Tree, and is Star Shiny due to being more common via Berry Tree. The nickname is based on the pokemon itself and being in a master ball. Thank you Lego for the wonderful event, and I hope you will enjoy your Master 'Dent ZamielVanWeber!!
For my Secret Santa Present i decided to look around at what pokemon Skadiv considers their favorite. when i took into account the preferences they wrote i noticed the line that said favorite color: Mustard yellow. And i remembered there is this one pokemon in the game that has a beautiful set of mustard yellow spots all over it in its shiny form. Introducing Santiago the Worn-out

A really fun rng project to get in SWSH and especially good because we know how much Skadiv loves Stunfisk :blobuwu:

No but in all seriousness after the initial shock i did gave her the real gift i got around to getting. Here is Daisy.

Daisy is a square 0 ATK/0 SPE square shiny drifloon RNG'd in valley windworks and caught in a heal ball in pokemon platinum. I chose this pokemon because i know how much Skadiv likes the drifblim line, and also as a personal challenge since at the time i hadn't done a gen 4 RNG project. and since i caught it in gen 4 i went ahead and got every ribbon so she could be a ribbon master!(thanks Lego for the master rank ribbon).

(oh and that stunfisk is missing the best friends ribbon Skadiv. but i left that one for you to get :heart:)
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