Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition: Round 1

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Signups Thread

I didn't mention it in the signups but this is a SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament. I decided to bypass the round robin stage entirely due to it promoting poor activity. Anyway, here are the matchups, YVD names are in (brackets). Once again if you have any technical problems with YVD or ygo related questions feel free to ask in our irc channel #yugioh.

Round 1

reyscarface (reyscarface) vs Shinkou (
Megan Fox (MF) vs StevenSnype (snype)
The_Wolf (TheWolfX) vs XtrEEmMaShEEn3k2 (dabom88)
HeroMasaki (masaki) vs ENZ0 (enz0)
ILoveLiza (ILoveLiza) vs Magmortified (Obsequious)
PK Gaming (PKGaming) vs CTI (cti)
Nilf (nilf) vs Eraddd
Bluecaptain (Anti-4-Life) vs the_pugilist (puggy)
MagicMaster87 (MagicMaster87) vs Ice-eyes (Ice-eyes)
Thorns (thorns) vs The Shadow Knight (The_Shadow_Knight)
locopoke (locopoke) vs LightWolf (LightWolf)
Quagsires (Auagsires) vs Parallel (Parallel)
Reno (heyyosup) vs Atticus (guylaroche5)
Hobo Joe (hobo joe) vs Nexus (Nex)
makiri (makiri) vs kd24 (emblem)
Folgorio (folgorio) vs Bluewind (bluewind) LOL folg sucks

1. Magmortified
2. CaptKirby (???????????)
3. makiri
4. iiMKUltra

The deadline for this round is January 11 which is more than enough time to get it done, even with the holidays.
My registered IRC names is xtreemmasheen3k2 or [Ev0]xtreemmasheen3k2. Maybe you should include IRC names, because I'm betting there are those of us who just lurk #yvd looking for matches. Also you could try opening a chat channel on the Xerocreative server to help people look for their partners.


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@liza: ask someone in #yugioh

also we should have at least one match completed by now :/, if you've contacted your opponent or are looking for them please post in this topic to let me know you're active. i will start subbing inactive people out 2 days from now.


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HoboJoe and I have made contact, he sent me a PM. I told him sometime next week would work since I have finals this week and its Christmas weekend, he didn't respond so I assume it's fine with him.
This is an activity post and saying that I have not seen my opponent on #yugioh, nor was contacted via AIM or MSN. I will be on vacation starting tomorrow and returning Jan 3, so I may not be able to play my match if I do not do so today unless I have time to use my grandma's laptop.
yeah i already told evan to tell you but ill post it here as well so the host can see

if me and shinkou dont get this done by the deadline, then feel free to give him the win as its my fault it didnt get done

Steven Snype

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got back from vaca and a snow-in, MF's comp seems to be having trouble though, so i'm not sure whether or not this match can get done

Likely going to get this done in a day or two
Ok,Atticus is going to be away for a few days, so I'm going to take over for a little while.
Anyways, camelman00 and luiskaboom haven't even been logged on to Smogon ever since the signups so they're going to be subbed out for Magmortified (Obsequious) and Makiri (???).

The changed matchups are now:
ILoveLiza (ILoveLiza) vs Magmortified (Obsequious)
Makiri (Makiri) vs kd24 (emblem)
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