Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition [Signups]

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Approved by Earthworm and co-hosted by Hobo Joe

It's been about 4 months since the last tournament and in that time the YGO metagame has undergone many changes, such as a new banlist, new sets and much more. This tournament is open to anyone who is even remotely interested, whether you actually play competitive Yu-Gi-Oh or are just here to have some fun.

NOTE: All matches will be played on YVD, a virtual dueling simulator. Keep in mind though that the simulator does NOT have a working engine like say shoddy battle, and most of it is done manually like how you would play it in real life. Also if you have any problems installing YVD, feel free to ask myself or Hobo Joe via pm or in our IRC channel #yugioh (which btw, we encourage you to visit for real time YGO chat or questions you might have). Once again, the download link for YVD can be found HERE.

Tournament Rules:
1. All players must carefully familiarise themselves with the latest rulebook and follow the rules carefully.
2. If there is a dispute in terms of rulings, refer to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki.
3. Game discussion will be held on #yugioh, on This can also be used to schedule matches and find some help for your deck!
4. You DO NOT have to use the same deck throughout the entire tournament although you cannot change decks in between matches.
5. The tournament is knockout, played in Matches (not Duels!) ie. best of three.
6. No player may reveal the contents of their opponent's deck.
7. Each player may use a 15 card Side Deck.
8. Creativity is encouraged, although not mandatory.
9. It is advised that players compete whilst sober. Nobody wants to duel a drunk Hobo Joe.
10. When you sign up, please give your YVD username or at least say in your post that you're going to download it later. It will show me that you have read the rules and also have downloaded/plan to download YVD.

Signups will last about 5 days (May be lower if we hit 32 sooner).
Just Dled it. I haven't played this is like 4 years. No idea what's good but wtf who cares. Someone can get a free ticket to the next round while I have fun. I think I set my name to ILoveLiza but the thing looks wierd and so I have no idea how the thing works. If someone could give me a step by step non serious battle so that I can get used the the mechanics of the thing it would be great.
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