Banned deucer.
hello i couldnt really think of a title for this but consider this an early 4k, also this is gonna get kinda sappy so hold on to your socks.

back in 2007 when i joined the site i was 11 years of age - and was probably one of the worst users on the site which coupled with coppa had got me banned for about a year and a half. When i returned i tried to tone down my enthusiasm which i probably did too much looking back on it. Since mid-2008 i have been really trying to climb up and be a more respected/well-known user around the site and i personally think i have succeeded (not the respect part because literally no one respects anyone on this site.)

there are two users who i consider the reason why i am the user that i am today: Alchemator and cookie.

Alchemator and me started out at smogon around the same time and we kind of hated eachother because i thought pokemon amethyst was a huge waste of time. he kept getting badged though and kept getting users who he considered friends. while i was stuck there muttering under my breath how much of a loser he was. This has since blown over and i find him an amazing dude and he kinda reminds me of what i couldve been on smogon if i actually tried to do shit.

cookie on the other hand is a totally different story. back in 2009 i thought i was the funniest fucking person on the planet. i would post 900000 inane threads daily (i have since cut down to about 10 inane threads daily) and he called me out on it. "stop being fucking terrible" "posting a lot of threads doesnt make you a good user" it really brought me back down to earth and i think has affected my position on this forum a lot.

there are other users who have definitely been big as well; fatecrashers, poppy, kd24, doomvm, birkal, askaninjask, asim ( :( ), jumpluff among others

i hope you dont mind my little emotional spiel - so i end with this thanks smogon :heart:


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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I'm supposed to not be here but I am because rodan and I are connected through facebook which suggests that we are still mortal enemies. I'll bugger off again after this post, though.

Four years is a long time, isn't it? It's strange to think that the years have flown by so quickly, and so much has changed in that time. Specifically with you.

Back in the day in Smeargle's Studio, we used to have a big spriting community, and a spriting community I daresay was not paralleled anywhere, and is unmatched to this day (sorry current guys!). It was one into which I was welcomed, despite my lack of talent. You had chaos699 and Fuzzberry and this weird guy called Mordock who seemed like an alright person. It was right about this time that the WSC started -- yes, that's been going on for about four years now, too. Wow. chaos699 left, and it was a bit of a mess with regard to who would talk over. Mordock stepped forward. Begin feud!

It seems so distant now, and so puerile, that there'd be a fight on a small subforum of a Pokémon website regarding a weekly spriting contest, but it happened. I wasn't particularly happy with how it was being run, and you were stubborn; we were both as bad as each other. And this went on for years. I took the WSC in what might hyperbolically be described as a 'coup', and that's when the bitterness started. If there was one person on this forum that I hated with all my might, it was you. You seemed obstinate, facetious and immature, though I suspect I wasn't really any better. For example, when #smeargle started, the only rule was 'No RODANs'. And it took too long for me to lift that.

Bear in mind, though, that all this time I thought you were a 40yr-old man deciding to be silly, rather than a 14yr-old being 14. I think when I found out your age I became a lot more sympathetic. Moral of the story: give your age away to anyone and everyone on the internet, because then they'll like you!

It was only after a good while that I began to realise how silly our fighting was, and through IRC I got to know you not as a slightly-irritating forum presence, but as a genuinely funny and intelligent guy. In addition to that, we have a lot of history, and we're perhaps the only two remaining relics of that bygone Smeargle's era. Soon, it seems, spriting on this site will be a thing of the past. Then we can really feel old, even though we're only 17-ish.

I feel like I'm babbling here, because this thread really took me by surprise. While there's no bad feeling between us now (or so I hope!), you're still one for acerbic posts, and I wasn't expecting something so sentimental. I guess you opened the floodgates. I do feel that if there's one user who has improved me as a person, then it's you, even if it was a silly and un-fun way to do it. A simple way to express myself is this: you're one of the people from this site that I'd really love to meet in person. A few years ago, I think I'd have arranged a meeting only if it were to kill you.

tl;dr rodan is a cool guy and I'm really flattered to be mentioned

Meet me in Minnesota.
~ Alch
Well Rodan, I may not have been around during that time, but I'd like to say congrats to you...... for..... uhm...... almost making 4K?

You don't seem to be that bad of a guy in my eyes, just someone who jokes around excessively. So yeah, keep it up man.


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I'm glad you and cookie made up or something because you coexist nonviolently at least

<addendum about shade being gay etc>

Rocket Grunt

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i think rodan's a pretty cool dude
we spoke only briefly over
and shared a love for digimon christmas songs in painful ear-grating engrish
but despite that i enjoy reading his posts and shit a lot
happy early 4k man


uhhhh how often am i supposed to pray again
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see this is how you guarantee your 4k doesn't get locked - devote half the shout-outs to the moderation team here

you've come a long way, son
when will you return to the spriting world

we need more
in our lives.

also bs, no mention of me, dwc, and tennis hounding you when you were 11


Banned deucer.
never because spriting using windows 7 paint sucks

rip windows xp paint you will be missed
i think rodan's a pretty cool dude
we spoke only briefly over
and shared a love for digimon christmas songs in painful ear-grating engrish
but despite that i enjoy reading his posts and shit a lot
happy early 4k man
That was me, big man rodan pulled out the Pokemon Christmas songs.

I didn't know that you're only 17... you seem older than that.

Anyways, I've been around almost as long as you bud, and I remember most of your time here too. Hell, I remember all of your names :) ... and most likely the reason why you were banned.

I congrat you on 4k while I'm way lower than that, but it's always nice when we find something Digimon related and talk about that or when we envy Outlaw's D-Arts Omegamon.

GJ on the 4k and yeah... i miss asim too.


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Name the one champ in League that, if you could, you would be born as them in another life.

Also grats Rodan, you are one of the best users on Smogon imo. If you do end up venturing down to Minnesota to meet with Alch, don't forget to stop by my place to say hi!

EDIT: I know that.

Also that wasn't a question. And finally I thought you'd pick Gragas... :o


Banned deucer.
alch lives in england you stinker

also to the question none they all have horrible backstories none of them are actually happy its an awful world but if i had to pick it would be jax because he is literally the strongest being in the universe

also this aint a well stop asking me shit i had a well and it sucked

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