Smogoners in Australia and Asia Pacific


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Why not?
I include Russia and India in "Asia".
I also include Pacific Islands, Micronesia, etc.


Bali, Indonesia Marjane
Bangkok, Thailand Quote
Delhi, India darksylvion
Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia TraceofLife
Hokkaido, Japan Kanburi
Hong Kong. Cresselia~~
The Philippines Tripacci


Brisbane The Avalanches
Canberra MAMP
Melbourne Rugi cant say
NSW including Sydney LegoFigure11 Sydney Ortheore Chloe. Coronis Aurora
Perth ethan06
Queensland Steel With It
Victoria dogknees GotR Asek Alter
West Australia Rosie_The_Venusaur

New Zealand
ginganinja baconbagon

Pacific Islands
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List updated, contact me if I missed you or put you on the wrong slot.

What else would India be tho
India is geographically a sub-continent that is not quite Asia.
That's why some Indians don't like being called Asians.
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