CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 13

What dex entry should we use for Syclant (PICK TWO)?

  • Entry 1

    Votes: 36 20.2%
  • Entry 2

    Votes: 39 21.9%
  • Entry 3

    Votes: 26 14.6%
  • Entry 4

    Votes: 51 28.7%
  • Entry 5

    Votes: 37 20.8%
  • Entry 6

    Votes: 34 19.1%
  • Entry 7

    Votes: 44 24.7%
  • Entry 8

    Votes: 31 17.4%
  • Entry 9

    Votes: 58 32.6%

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Yay, it's time for the last poll! WE are almost done creating Syclant! For the last poll, we will be voting on dex entries. A lot have been suggested, and now it's time to pick one. I've gone through and picked the ones I like the best, or that people have expressed interest in. If yours isn't here, it's because of a very good reason that I won't go into unless you ask. But some probable answers are: it's too long, too stupid (you know what I'm talking about), or too ridiculous (Syclant banging Jynx on the way home? I think not). Here's what Syclant looks like, though I'm assuming you already know:

Ability: Compound Eyes/ Mountaineer
70/ 116/ 70/ 114/ 64/ 121

Mountaineer: This pokemon takes no indirect or direct damage from Rock type attacks upon switching in. This doesn't block additional effects.

And here are your pokedex options:

1.) "Known as the 'bullies of the mountain,' SYCLANT often coerce DELIBIRD to give up their presents, as a single DELIBIRD present can sustain a larval unit for an entire week."

2.) "The forelimbs of this POKEMON have become ice cannons, enabling it to freeze victims instantly. It is often aggressive, having a voracious appetite for newly frozen victims."

3.) "While thriving in freezing mountains, SYCLANT colonies build their own ice castles. Not only do these castles protect against the cold, they serve as storage for caught DELIBIRDs and SNORUNTs."

4.) "Wild SYCLANT are fearsome predators. Even in harsh blizzards they can quickly chase down their prey with stunning accuracy. Should a DELIBIRD find itself near a colony, it would be swarmed upon almost immediately."

5.) "Female SYCLANT tend to be less aggressive than males, but defend their eggs with brute force if needed. All SYCLANT are a potent force in battle, but also are courteous fighters. Should one knock down an opponent, it won't attack until its foe gets up."

6.) "Wild SYCLANTs move in packs, but only for the purpose of carrying heavy loads to their nest. In battle, they fight one on one, while the rest of the pack encourages the fighter from the sidelines."

7.) "Wild SYCLANTs are very aggressive, so much so that they live alone. They train by breaking apart large glaciers."

8.) "This POKEMON has been living in such blinding conditions that it has grown an extra set of eyes that help it catch its prey."

9.) "The icicles on SYCLANT's back grow bigger as it gets older, the older a SYCLANT is the longer the icicles are. The icicles are 100x stronger than any animals bone and razor sharp."

Those are the good ones I found. By "good" I mean they either follow the typical dex entry format well, have an interesting tidbit of information, or make sense flavor-wise. This will be a one-day poll, and you will each get two votes. This will also be a three-parter.
It lives in high altitude mountain caves. They are often found around MAGCARGO which they cook their food on the backs of.

Syclant are vicious opportunists. The only thing they will not eat is SLUGMA and MAGCARGO which they use to cook their food.

If you would of re-wrote those 2 they would of been cool.

"Wild Scylant are usually found in packs with MAGCARGO. MAGCARGO are given food, but in return must help with keeping the pack warm"

if you would of re-phrased that alittle it would be cool too...xD
yay. 9 is winning. My favorite is 5, but most of them are decent. You will fix the spelling errors in 5, right?
5.) "Female SYCLANT tend to be less aggressive than males, but will defend their eggs with force if needed. All SYCLANT are potent forces in battle, but they are also courteous fighters. Should one knock an opponent down , it won't attack until its foe gets up."


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I voted for 6 and 8. Too many Delibird-focused ones. Of those, I like #1. The focus on Delibird's presents is very creative. I also like 5 because it makes Syclant sound like a cool fighter. I like the start of 3, but then the Delibird and Snorunt thing is kinda meh...

Just about all of these are acceptable and fit the tone of the game.

EDIT: Darn! Somehow I skipped over #7. I really like that one! Hopefully it will make it to the next poll...

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I voted 1 and 3 because they are cohesive and show consistency in pokemon behavior. (Obviously to store something you need a colony or some other home)
Voted for 6 and 9, though 9's entry bugs me a little bit:

"The icicles on SYCLANT's back grow bigger as it gets older, the older a SYCLANT is the longer the icicles are. The icicles are 100x stronger than any animals bone and razor sharp."
Bolded part is pretty much redundant.
That's basically saying its an elder led colony. However if we take out the part before the bolded part, then we can just say that.

Damnit I meant to vote for 7 not 6 >.<
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