CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 7, part 2

What will be the art design of our new pokemon (PICK TWO)?

  • CyzirVisheen

    Votes: 92 59.4%
  • just some chick

    Votes: 77 49.7%
  • Soy-Monk

    Votes: 56 36.1%
  • DougJustDoug #2

    Votes: 47 30.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Even though part 1 hasn't "technically closed," I don't think KoA or Doug #1 is going to get enough votes to make it here, so whatever.

Part #2. Not much to say here. You all still get two votes, the poll closes in two days, enough said. Here are the top four from part 1:


just some chick:


DougJustDoug #2:

I apologize to Atlas that his entry did not reach double digits.
Voted for the first and 3rd one. I can really imagine those two using Close Combat =D

Though Megahorn I only can see the first one using well. The 3rd one has some spikes on its head, it might be usable.
I voted for the first and fourth one.

Number one looks like some sort of King Bee (maybe with things like megahorn, and attack/defense/healing order?)

Fourth one looks too awesome.
The first looks very good, but it just is too detailed for a pokemon.

The third looks like some badass digimon, but not a non-legend pogey

The last looks cool, but too much like Flygon imo.

Just some chick's looks perfect for a pokemon.

My votes go to Cyzir and chick's
Just some chicks is awesome. I love the simplicity of it.

haha woops, didnt realize you could vote for two. My 2nd vote would have been split anyway between 3rd and fourth though.

I think Lawman said everything I would say.
I voted for CyzirVisheen and Soy-Monk's designs. They are just badass. Next time, instead of making it multiple choice poll, make it like that:

#1 and #2
#1 and #3
#1 and #4
#2 and #3
#2 and #4
#3 and #4

Takes more space, but nobody will vote for just one ;)
I personally think they're all great. However, the 2nd and last one look too much like basic praying mantises if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, they're really good drawings, but the 1st and second one are "unique" and look more monsterish.
Pretty much what Lawman said.

I don't know how people can vote for DJD #2. That thing is a rip-off.

Although I voted for JSC and Cyzir, I'm liking Soy Monk's one more and more.

PS- Why did you put atlas pogey in the other thread? That thing sucked.
Omigod! Definately Just_Some_Chick's dude. He's awesome! The first one is really cool, but to me he seems more like a legendary... I pick Just_Some_Chick, and the first one (Czyirvisheen or whatever)

Soy's is... ...not good. Just... ...bad, I think is the word. It'd be fine if Pokemon was an X-Men comic or something, but it's not.

Cyzir's is acceptable, too.

Doug's is skiing Flygon, which is a cute idea, but no.
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