Smogon's Official Death Bingo 2021 [WINNER: Bughouse]

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First off, recapping the 2020 contest:

biggie correctly predicted Alex Trebek and faint predicted Jeffrey Epstein.
But three users went above and beyond and picked 2 deaths correctly, all of them predicting Trebek + one more.
Myzozoa also predicted Trebek, as well as Hosni Mubarak, and Nugget predicted both Trebek and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
The big winner though is Empress, who predicted Trebek + John Lewis.
Since Mubarak was 91 at death and RBG was 86, vs Lewis' youthful 80, I am resolving the tie in favor of Empress.

An honorable mention goes to doipy hooves for predicting "planet earth" which wasn't that far off.

I'm hosting it this year, so my rules go.

  1. Everyone picks 8 known celebrities, be them singers, actors, youtube personality, criminals, politicians, etc.
  2. We have an age cap now. Of those 8 celebs that you are betting, their total age cannot surpass 500. That way we remember that young people can also meet their creators. Post their ages after their names.
  3. 10 points for every death guessed right, plus 1 bonus point for every year younger than 50 at time of death (capped at 10 bonus points), and plus 5 bonus points if the death comes after a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis (i.e. if the family keeps it quiet, no hypothesizing. Has to be reported as verified in the news.)
  4. Only one list per person, and only the first list. Shitposting is still allowed.
  5. This is not a list of hoping people will die, just betting on who will leave us this year.
  6. More than one person can bet on the same celebrity.
  7. No already dead celebrity can be chosen, or that perished right before posting.
  8. Edited comments will not be taken into consideration.
  9. No cause of death.
The year i don't say Queen Elizabeth is gonna be the year she dies thats why I'm going all in this year.
- Queen Elizabeth (94)
- Queen Elizabeth (94)
- Queen Elizabeth (94)
- Queen Elizabeth (94)
- Queen Elizabeth (94)
- Bo Obama (12)
- Doug the Pug (8)
- Waffles the Cat (4)

Total Clefairy

came up with the smogoff name
was considering posting 8 death row inmates, but that feels a bit like cheating.

evo morales (61)
tekashi 69 (24)
biden (78)
van morrison (75)
olivia newton-john (72)
billy connolly (78)
ghislaine maxwell (59)
noel gallagher (53)

61+24+78+75+72+78+59+53 = 500


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Keith Richards - 77
Betty White - 98
Joe Biden - 78
Demi Lovato - 28
Ellen Degeneres - 62
Russell Brand - 45
Timothee Chalamet - 25
Adam Levine - 41

I'm feeling heroin gonna come in strong this year
Not particularly, my family just keeps saying the poor guy can't go a day without breaking a leg or something.

Fr tho if you want to optimize this game, your best bets are either 5 geezers and 3 throwaway kids or ex-sportsmen who take a ton of hits and die of painkillers or concussion related injuries

Also I can't do math, my total is 494

E: still can't do math, it's 492 lmao
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Total Clefairy

came up with the smogoff name
felt anti-mask/lockdown folk were a pretty good bet, & this is hopefully the only year that's going to be a factor (covid got big too late for last year's bingo & vaccines might sort out the 2022 edition). beyond that my biggest-brain play was predicting the us gov't to coup morales again.


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Jimmy Carter (96)
Johnny Isakson (76)
Stephen Breyer (83)
Tekashi SixixNineine (24)
Lil Wayne (38)
Harvey Weinstein (68)
Rush Limbaugh (69)
Marjorie Greene (46)

Total age: 500


Hm m yes Roingus
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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary / Queen Elizabeth II (95)
Charles Philip Arthur George / Charles, Prince of Wales (73)
Donald Trump (74)
Bernie Sanders (80)
Daniel Hernandez / 6ix9ine (24)
David Icke (69)
Alex Jones (46)

and my dark horse pick...
Lauren Southern (26)

Total: 442
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