Smogon's Official Death Bingo 2021


Fear is the mind-killer
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Late, but here we go. I saw Keemstar mentioned earlier and while I don't think that he'll die, I think this is the year that a lot of people he associates with (internet bloodsports / gamergate grifters) end themselves either with a gun or alcohol poisoning.

Richard Kyanka a.k.a. Lowtax (44)
Dax Herrera a.k.a. Dick Masterson (40)
George Ouzounian a.k.a. Maddox (42)
Ethan Ralph (35)
James O'Shaughnessy a.k.a. Mr. Metokur (39)
Jake Paul (24)
Steven Jay Williams a.k.a. Boogie2988 (46)
Queen Elizabeth II (94)
Amanda Bynes (34)
Johnny Depp (57)
Jack Dorsey (44)

total = 499
Is it too late to do this? idc let's goooo

Roseanne Barr (68)
Liam Gallagher (48)
Samuel L. Jackson (72)
Rush Limbaugh (70)
Derek Jeter (46)
Sylvester Stallone (74)
James Earl Jones (90)
Tyler, the Creator (29)

Total: 497


I do my killing after breakfast
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Gonna get this in before too much time passes:

Jake Paul (24)
Logan Paul (25)
Ian McKellen (81)
Joe Biden (78)
James Earl Jones (90) (I SURE HOPE THIS ONE ISN'T TRUE)
Shinzo Abe (66)
Vera Miles (91)
Kanye West (43)

Total: 498

Man this is so morbid but I have sealed it.

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