Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Playoffs Round 4

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We understand. I'm 21yo, a virgin, a half homo, and I'm on here 24/7. I flip burgers at McDonald's in order to afford living in my parents' basement and to pay for my Internet access because without Pokemon, I would be lost. It's Thanksgiving day here in America and instead of being in the dining room to hang out with my family and imaginary friends, I locked myself in the basement to play Pokemon and post on Smogon. Matter of fact, I had just destroyed some guy in some random UU tournament and ruined his Thanksgiving. I have no remorse, however. It's all about winning Pokemon games and as long as I continue to dominate my opponents, that's everything that matters in life.

You'll win OLT III, Tele. Mankey will receive a mega evolution in the next Pokemon game. You will be unstoppable when that becomes reality.
im writing this becos i feel like i need to before i stop caring
did you ever wonder why most prestigious tournaments held on this site barely reach 500 users (just think to spl or ost signups thread) despite last time i checked smogon had more than 200k registered users?
personally i just dont. i remember when i first joined the smogtour server almost 2 years ago. i didnt know a shit back then, i didnt know any of the players, any of the tournaments. i just thought, 'goddam they have a server, and they all have voice, this is some serious shit, its not like the tournaments room of ps. i wanna be part of it'. then i got to know ever single aspect of it i didnt know before. people who think they are the best, who act cocky, showing no respect for newcomers, ignoring them, laughing at them, telling others to eat dicks becos according to them they made a dumb move or becos they used someone elses team. ppl there also gather in groups. its like some sort of caste. if you are out of it, u mathematically are an aids sack, no matter what you are doing or saying, what u did or said. pkmn is a child's game but its not an excuse. most tournaments players are almost grown up. there are 19, 20, 21 years old people like me.
now, fact i had a lot of free time, and everybody acting this way, made me act the same way too. its something i should have avoided. but i didnt exactly knew what i was doing with my life till the end of this summer. now something changed, things are going for the better and i dont want to fall again. ppl around me have expectations on me, and so do i
ill not say that i quit smogon to get everyone on my profile and support me becos i lost just to come back 2 days after (laurel docet).
ill not say it becos no one would take me seriously
i want to say this instead. im not a loser for quitting now although most ppl would think so.
im not a loser for doing that. im not giving up on something. its quite the opposite. im winning.
All I read was that you were quitting so I guess I'll see you next week


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Tele in OLT I after losing to PDC said:
bgs pdc, u played well but cant say the same about me. im disappointed for the way i played both games, not angry with anybody but myself. im not even angry with the team i used, i think it was a solid one even if a little bit too passive, i should have laddered more with it probably but i have been too fucking lazy this week even for some fucking ladder tests.
ppl can laugh at me for the way i played, and i can understand them, i was expecting some exciting games too but didnt happen

wanna also say that i took very seriously this tournament. i have been trashing the ou ladder for months before olt cycles started, and i was very determined to go far into this tour. i did not betray the high expectations ladder ppl had on me, since i won cycle 1 with 2 of my alts, and i did it pretty easily i have to say.
when playoffs started i had many eyes on me, but i choke round1, and basically my chances to win olt are dead at this point. still i managed to do some good games against good players, but i knew that the road was long and insidious. yes i have many regrets but the list would be too long.

leaving mons and smogon, have met some funny guys who share with me the sense of humor and passion for mons, not gona makea list tho, gl on life


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"im the reason u didnt make OLT1 playoffs" - l0l


boudouche vs shake finals thisll be fun

idm conglomerate

also wq ur life story is actually quite sad bro... i used to think u were just an annoying piece of shit homo
Lost 0-2, ggs. A little upset at the smaller things that would seemingly not matter, but that's pokemon (i really wanted g3 tho, had a sick team :[). Well played by ABR for sure. Promised narration of my olt run (and possibly the teams i used) will be coming soon. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me, you know who you are :D
Sorry for letting u down if you were rooting for me :[

Boudouche, Leftiez, or ABR to take losers and drive it home.
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Lost in a close one, ggs.
Even though i didn't win (once again), i would like to thanks a few people for their helps: Lyconik, Cicada, McMeghan, Prankster., you guys are amazing and it's always nice to talk with you. I learnt a lot since Smogon Tour 20 and approached a more tactital side of the game recently which i had never considered before, I definitly improved these past 2 months and hope i can put in work all these new things next year, and finally grab this trophy. Sorry for not being high enough, maybe next time ;].

Also predicting shake to lose
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