Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Playoffs Round 4

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aside from G3 that was a rly good bout. G3 Cosine tried his damnest to lose but the matchup was just too strong....

Enjoyed watching that one pals!
the sd with lando play was to get hoopa into ice punch range of gallade so that i dont have to get the defense drops vs scizor. the only real "missplay" is going lati on thundy and letting it get twaved instead of going to lando, i kinda forgot it was twave after i saw grass knot lol


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At least you come out of this tournament with a positive attitude and some valuable life lessons. More people should strive to be like you and not whine about hax or quit Pokemon after every loss. I'm not directing that comment at my idol, Tele; he has a busy life and needs time away from this community, which is understandable.
[20:57:04] Ashwin: when I joined this chat
[20:57:18] Ashwin: i didn't kno the ou metagame at all and i didn't even think i was gonna ladder for olt
[20:57:20] Ashwin: 2 months later
[20:57:25] Ashwin: im in finals but i still don't know the metagame
[20:57:25] Ashwin: -
[20:57:36] Kristoffer | Bluwing: are u foxlord?
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