Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Finals [Won by Poek97]

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This is an interesting final imo

Poek has proven himself to be one of the best ORAS players in a short time span - keep in mind, a year or so ago he wasn't very well known besides by the Spanish community.

ES has been around for a few years, but hasn't gained serious tournament traction until recent months and now he's one of the hottest players.

I think both should be really proud of how they got this far and they should look forward for their futures in the tournament community now that they're very much proven as solid players, but I'm going to have to predict ES because he's been dominant and he's in the driver's seat - good luck both!
gonna predict eternal spirit because he's been on fire this OLT; dropping only one game so far gives him a lot of momentum coming into the finals. don't see him losing four times now. nice finals, looking forward to watching.
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