Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Round 5

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Pop up out the cut, we get up witcha
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Hey im sry that I didnt reply, I had to go after the match immediately...
Well ggs, I had played poorly but im just a newcomer so yeah, tbh since I dont get the gif (for gods sake gimme the gif) i dont feel bad for losing, gl in future rounds poek hope ull do gr8 :]
S/o to njnp for testing teams out and to the germans i unfortunately let down...
*oh and J Cole Ive listened to during the match LOL
I think there was a bit of confusion about times between me and dennis, I got on Stours around 6:05 but he was afk, not sure if hes gone now or not but im planning to stay on for a bit if he happens to see this otherwise we will most likely play tomorrow
won vs abr, got destroyed g1 when i brought my dogshit donphan squad (never again lol) and lucky g3 with the aero confusions, weird series but still fun
huge shoutouts to my friends supporting me with teambuilding and testing, always forget to make those but wouldnt have made it as far without you and very gratefull Wings of Night, Erz, Snowtop, Chainy, Freestylerking, Liones (gave me team 3, probably made by Obliviate) and especially njnp (used a lot of his teams during the tour and his team brought me back game2 this session) :]
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