Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Round 6 (Loser brackets)

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Lost to Advanceship the man played extremely well props to him. I dont think i played my best game 3 but it is what it is. Happy to get as far as I did this year and thank you to everyone who helped me test all my teams. Glad to get through the tour with all my own builds and was glad to make a ton of new friends from this experience and feel like there are only good things to come. Gl in the rest Aship!!
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Lost ggs. i've never expected myself to get this far so its all good n_n

Thanks Altina who's been helping me since Tiebreaker vs Dann3 :]
Thanks Alkov for doing nothing but one of my best frens here
Thanks GeeMick, who's told me that he would come back if i won olt (sry i fail u)
Thanks Chinese mates including minakamiyuki and psychicmewtwo, esp yuki for building the team i used to qual

Last word, im very easily to get nervous during tour but i gotta thanks Jesus Christ my savior, my best friend, who's been making me calm and telling me not to value too much on winning/losing :]
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lost in 3 games gg, was a fun time yall :]
s/o to ricardo aka. snowtop / njnp for the first team

*forgot to say that im proud of myself to where ive got after only plaing one year on the ladder of ou and competitive pokemon in general, like top 12 aint even that bad
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While I would like the last set to get done, at his current activity I find it unlikely that Choice Specs would show up if given an extension. Unless someone come forth with very compelling reasons why not, Blackoblivion will be given the activity win. I'm aware it's late into the tournament by now, but it's unacceptable to be gone for a week with no notice and then expect to get an extension.

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