Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Round 7

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Remember to go vote tomorrow if you haven't done so already.

I do not want to end up in Canada. I was in Toronto last week for vacation, and the guys there looked like they got beat repeatedly by their mothers with an ugly broom.

Don't worry boo, if it comes to that I have an extra room and 2 computers.
Round 7 (winners bracket)

Leftiez VS. Mounts - close one but think Leftiez takes it
Poek97 VS. Eternal Spirit - VAMOS PORRA

Round 7 (losers bracket)

Blackoblivion VS. Hiye - ya got this bro
AdvanceShip VS. Omfuga - gotta go for Ship at least once

Obliv or Eternal to win it all
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Leftiez VS. Mounts - leftiez is just mediocre enough to win this match
Poek97 VS. Eternal Spirit - the spaniards always stick together

Blackoblivion VS. Hiye - idk either of these guys but his names more edgy
AdvanceShip VS. Omfuga - whos stopping this man? last year was a sham, this is the year of the omfuGOD
Round 7 (winners bracket)

Leftiez VS. Mounts - mounts teambuilding is very unique and his gameplay is terrible at times but he comes back from defeat very quickly. I expect this to be 2-1
Poek97 VS. Eternal Spirit - eternal spirit has very cool teams that work and his gameplay is very solid. im thinking this will be 2-1

Round 7 (losers bracket)

Blackoblivion VS. Hiye - can go either way oo
AdvanceShip VS. Omfuga - i expect a counter team from ship but i gotta say going against omfuga is insane
lost vs omfuga, well played series, little disappointed in me for not pulling the triggers at the right moments and bringing bs gliscor g1 lol, but what can you do
olt nevertheless was a great experience for me. Never expected to get this far in the first place and a lot of credit for this goes to good old friends and friends i made in the course of the tour, sorry for letting you down in a kinda disappointing performance today
Wings of Night, Freestylerking, Erz, Liones, Mazar, njnp, Chainy, Snowtop
just to name a few
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