Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Round 8 (Loser brackets)

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I'm so upset right now. I had to remove the rainbow flag from my front porch because fucking Trump got elected. That's fine. Pokemon is still alive and well. Life goes on.

I planned my tournament comeback with the release of S&M, and this gay fish was supposed to represent me and replace Chansey. But it's fucking weak. How the fuck am I supposed to win games with this gay ass weak fucking fish. I'm mad as hell. That's all.


Banned deucer.
Lost 2-0 in what should have been a 2-0 in my favor

Disappointed but oh well! such is mons!

I could've easily lost to Poek anyway, and double eliminating leftiez/es would've been tough, still sucks to go out to someone who had no chance to beat me on a level playing field. But all I can do is be better D:

Out at 5th 2 years in a row lol
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