Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Round 5 (Losers bracket)

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(Art by ium, outdated but better than nothing!)

Remember, THIS IS A DOUBLE ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT! All matches are to be played in a BEST OF THREE format, and all standard SM OU rules apply.

Round 5 (Losers bracket)
Empo VS. Blackoblivion
xtra$hine VS. Cdumas
Updated Kanto VS. Googly
Ojama VS. Zuchtrest

Please, let us know in the thread when you will be playing once your games are scheduled, we would all very much like to spectate some (hopefully) quality battles between you all.

Sunday, October 8th @ 11:59 EST

Deadlines are only a week, so try not to john too much.

Spreadsheet where you can enter when you'll be playing, to let others know
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Empo VS Blackoblivion - Cmon it's Empo lol
xtra$shine VS Cdumas - xtra shouldn't even BE down here but he got gooned on by Ciele so that's a thing, he's still a fire player though
Updated Kanto VS Googly - I want Googly to win it all but Kanto just has so much style + i want to see that fire xtra vs kanto rematch so cant pick in this one ;w;
Ojama VS Zuchtrest - I've been (incorrectly) betting against Zuch for most of this tour but Ojama is super fire, wouldn't be surprised if he prove me wrong tho

Have fun yall ^_^


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Empo vs BO is a fire matchup. Empo on the one hand is a rogue fireball ready to attack from any direction at anytime while BO has been solid for a while now. Really expecting this to come down to the little things - prep, who brings the ballsier teams, etc. - slight edge BO because he's more of the household name in SM I suppose

Xtra vs Cdu is not really a series I'm too interested in I guess, nothing against either it's just that you already know what Xtra is rolling up with and you already know Cdumas will just bring something leftover from snake that's well-equipped for the flavor of HO of the week and probably win in convincing fashion

Kekto vs Googly is amusing as we get to see another round of Googly's genius, but I think that Kekto will actually be ready and come out on top in a close series. He just has to actually bring new teams and not some lazy dogass shit - neat seeing both of them still in the field and kind of hoping for the winner to make an even longer run

Ojama should beat Zuch unless we see god reincarnated once again like we did against Meeps
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