Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Round 7 (Losers bracket)

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(Art by ium, outdated but better than nothing!)

Remember, THIS IS A DOUBLE ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT! All matches are to be played in a BEST OF THREE format, and all standard SM OU rules apply.

Round 7 (Losers bracket)
Shoka VS. Sabella
Empo VS. Cdumas

Please, let us know in the thread when you will be playing once your games are scheduled, we would all very much like to spectate some (hopefully) quality battles between you all.

Sunday, October 22nd @ 11:59 EST

Spreadsheet where you can enter when you'll be playing, to let others know
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Round 7 (Losers bracket)
Shoka (45) VS. (55) Sabella - Very interesting series between a really solid overall player and a surging SM player here. Shoka has shown a level of tier competency through qualifying and making it this far, but he does seem to fallback on stall, which is not particularly good anymore, and his ability to form solid teams by himself in SM is something I am personally unsure of. With this said, I think he is a slightly better player than Sabella overall if only because he has had a bit more sustained success and he has been around for years. With that said, Sabella is no pushover obviously, doing well in snake and making it very far in the winner's bracket, so I expect him to put up a fight, but I really think that his main advantage is in in terms of preparation and team comfort, so if he takes full advantage of this, then I see him coming out on top and as of late, he has been doing so. Overall, his unconventional offensive style with a splash of random Chansey Zapdos Kartana balance tends to find openings to manipulate those who simply do not have a complete grasp on the tier, so I find this to be a plausible outcome. Given that there is some dependence on Shoka's own preparation and Sabella being consistent here, it's far from a sure thing, but I'll give the slight edge to Sabella.

Empo (45) VS. (55) Cdumas - It's funny, really. People seem to keep underestimating Empo as a player and builder despite him putting up pretty consistent individual results with fairly unique teams. I guess there is a bit of a stigma behind his name, but I truly believe that he is solid and can compete with just about anyone in SM/ORAS (results have sorts shown this in individual tours, too). I think that Cdumas is the clear favorite regardless because he just keeps fucking winning against everyone in Snake, OLT, WCOP, etc., but this will be much closer than most think. Empo took the series off of Ojama and managed to get this far for good reason and I am impressed by him. Cdumas is still the real deal and one of the favorites to win the entire tour, so I think he will take it in three close ones.

gl dudes
Rooting for Empo and Shoka to win their respective matches and have a cool rematch in losers semis, but really anyone can take it at this point so mainly hoping for some clean haxless series.
have fun everyone :)


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Shoka (45) VS. Sabella (55)

Shoka is probably the better player overall, but sabella has the big advantage of more experience and meta knowledge in sm than shoka. Sabella has been on really good form in snake and olt recently, and I don't expect shoka to stop him.

Empo (40) VS. Cdumas (60)

While I have underestimated empo throughout this tour, cdu has somehow managed to get eliminated r1 of winners vs blunder, and still be in the tour. His record ever since wcop in officials has been insane, and it's safe to say that cdumas is one of the most consistent sm players out there. Empo is still a really good player who's had a great run, but cdumas has proven throughout snake, olt and wcop that he's one of the best sm players out there. This one is definitely the series I'm most excited for.

Shoka (47) VS. Sabella (53)

This honestly can go either way. Sabella has more experience in SM OU then Shoka and imo plays just as good as Shoka or better so there is that.... But Shoka can easily take this if he can brings a Solid team and outplays Sabella a little bit then he has a good chance. So we will see oo

Empo (49) VS. Cdumas (51)

Man this is actually really close O_O Cdumas may seem like the favorite here but i feel like Cdumas is a little bit more one dimensional and standard because he loves his generic bulky offensive builds or some Ferro-Pex Balance or even some Gondra HO but these team choices make him a easy target for empo because

1. Empo is more aggressive then Cdumas

2. Empo is no stranger to HO and knows how to play it and even go against it. He even outplayed a rain match up vs Blackoblivion despite his only water resist being Kartana and AV Magearna which is honestly impressive depending on how you look at it.

3. Empo is actually never weak to balance because usually he brings 2 or more breakers on every team.. Examples bring Kartana, Kyurem-B, Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, Zygarde, M-Mawile etc so this is honestly scary for Cdumas.

But overall Cdumas is the better player here and 9/10 times he always seems to play a solid game every time. Both players can't make too many mistakes vs each other though otherwise they will lose a game.
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