Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Round 7 (Losers bracket)

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lost to cdumas in 3 fun games, it was a great series and i enjoyed it a lot. good luck in the rest of the tour, you are definitely capable of winning it because you are a great player and that series was very tough.

as for shoutouts, thx to people who made me test like mael, eo, pcm, xray, blight, caron, dann3, kanto, za meowdo, lopunny kicks, santu and some others i forget (sorry). props to xtra who gave me some squads throughtout the tour, i appreciate that singer michael, and also to pcm and mael who were my main testers. thx also to people who supported me and rooted for me. sorry for not avenging my classmate kekto and my teacher xtra too.

good luck to everyone left in this tour, i had fun prepping teams for every opponent and for every week, and i hope to fight against you again cdumas in a big (or bigger) stage.
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won vs shoka, well played sir sorry for the little rng. Played on le booty for those who want to watch. s/o obii and dod for given me some time off in snake to make sure i was ready for this among all the other bull that life throws at us. :toast:

e. Looks like itll be me and you now cdu, i remember when i said i thought you were pretty average before wcop.... clearly i was wrong lmfao hope this will be my best fight yet.
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