Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IX - Quarterfinals

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(Art by ium)

Remember, all matches are to be played in a BEST OF THREE format, and all standard SS OU rules apply.


Corazan vs RaiZen1704
Raptor vs sugarhigh
Ash KetchumGamer vs Empo
SoulWind vs Chaitanya

Please, let us know in the thread when you will be playing once your games are scheduled, we would all very much like to spectate.

Sunday, October 16th @ 11:59 PM EDT
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hard way to get out, especially when you have a strategy for a possible g3, so we'll never know if it would work. maybe the best players also have luck in their favor and I know he is one of the best (gl in rest). I'm not satisfied with how far I've gone because I could go further, but I'm proud. I would like to thank everyone who cheered for me and helped me, especially my boys Beraldo, Loege, PedroGreg, Tnunes, Sahki, Ske, Siriin, Typhlosion08


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ahhh not good enough in the end.
First of all really big respect to corazan. Playing you feels so unforgiving. You always manage to get the game in the crucial turns and then don´t throw it away. Something not many players on this site can do and your run shows your skill very clearly.
Other than that big shoutout to the german community for all of your support over these 2 years and with that for everyone else who cheered for me.
Thanks especially for MAX UND MAX for the prep this week. Was just not able to pilot it well enough.
Lastly DJVMPLSSMH and cya next tournament.
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