Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IX - Top 16

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how u doin'?
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Ggs Empo, wp. and GL in rest.

Sucks to go out like this after a Swiss performance that was very dominant, but you were the better player this series, Empo.
Shoutout to Ophion for always being there to test with me and immense shoutout to MAX UND MAX for being a great friend and building every team with me. Would have loved to show off more teams that we made and more innovations the teams had, but that's the way it goes. Thx to all my other supporters as well, I rarely had more fun playing and building in a tier than throughout this tournament.

Best of luck to everyone remaining!


street spirit fade out
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lost vs raptor, ggs

messed up pretty serially at the end but i have come to a point where pokemon isn't for me anymore, where even playing in-game has become depressing. hoping for sugarhigh to win. thanks to tace, sage, ophion, ctc, xray for helping me test/brainstorm and mcm for encouraging me early on.
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