Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament - Round 10

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The tele and pdc show will go on stage sunday at 10.00 pm gmt+1. make sure to fasten ur safety belt by the time

Slowbro and Clefable are ready to dominate one more time

no wait im fucked, pdc is going to ct me and ive no other teams. shit



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Chimpact cuz in the end Lyconik will have 0 pokemon and chimp won't
TeleGOD cuz mans a lord and on a mission
if tele or PDC win this I'll be surprised. it's the curse of the double elimination tournament. sure, they are in the last four and appear close to winning, but they still need to win four more bo3s. once against each other, then once against probably lyconik and then twice against chimpact. that's the equivalent of last 16 in OST or tour. so they're pretty deep into the tournament but don't really have great odds compared to the other dudes. also worth highlighting the importance of the winner's bracket game since the loser effectively 'advances' to the quarterfinals (still needs to play 3 bo3's), while the winner straight to the final with an extra life.

the odds are stacked so heavily in favour of the winner's bracket champ, so I expect the winner of that to win the tournament. chimpact seems the better player, although overall I've been more impressed with the two loser's bracket chumps so I'm rooting for them two.
The stakes have been strongly disfavouring Tele since the beginning of this tournament, considering his round 1 loss. In the event that he would reach the finals and win the first best of 3 series, Tele's record in this tournament would be 11-1 as opposed to his opponent's 6-1 record.
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