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(Art by ium, outdated but better than nothing!)

Remember, all matches are to be played in a BEST OF THREE format, and all standard SM OU rules apply.


Ojama vs Zuchtrest

Please, let us know in the thread when you will be playing once your games are scheduled.

Sunday, October 21st @ 11:59 PM EDT


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my boy has worked too hard to not get this third ring.. also first player to make 4 finals gahdam run it up, ojama one of the only players to boss up in new generations and go past the barrier of good player to one of the absolute best w his proficiency in gen 7. big ups to zuchtrest for multiple olt appearances... very innovative player and tenfold more self sufficient than a lot of these new guys in olt so can always respect that. but shittt im a loyal ass dog... im changing your name after you win ojama i am so tired of ppl saying kingpin... also ojama has been on some real whine into win shit lately too go check that mans replays everytime he whine his opp misses 36 moves or chokes on colossal dix so i think this trophy is comin home to da squad (not wack team france, spl7 supateam) --- anyways think this sets going 3 games for sure since oj will lose at least once to talonflame / rattata / wurmple or whatever zuch is cheffin for this series.... but the power of dark + toxapex is too gay and broken so ojama winnin 2-1


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ojama 70 - zuch 30 -- better player with more consistent team choices. zuch has been pretty crafty with some of his builds and resilient with his play, especially later in games/series, but ojama is better overall and is much less likely to misplay/choke. interested to see the team choices, especially from zuch, but have to favor ojama.
I joined it with high expectations on myself, I'm definitely at my peak and specially after my last experience in this tour I felt like this time I would go throught this olt as a more experienced player, holding my own weigh entirely and having an even better metagame knowledge than I had before, and also wouldnt make the same mistakes that I made last finals. But it seems like being good isnt enough and really sucks to me winning in a really strong bracket the whole time, also working relatively harder than what I usually do in tours to just get out in games like those. Yeah, need a quimio.

Thank you baril and astrotias, as well some outsider friends. I got a strong group of testing partners and I really appreciate the support you all have been giving me lately. Some of you are the reason that I still play this pathetic game in this community. About the finals: Im not a friend of none of the two so I couldnt care less about who is gonna win, to be totally honest. Good luck though.
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From the very first moment I stepped into Smogon I knew Ojama was going to be my greatest inspiration. I still vividly remember back in 2013 how I, a young boy, faced Grand Frontier Brain Kingpin in a close game where I thoroughly outplayed him with Flame Body Volcarona. After that he proceeded to bitch and flame in such a classy way that I had never witnessed before. From that moment I knew I was looking at someone special, whose ability to play the game matched his ability to be a total dick whenever convenient.

After 5 years of playing on Smogon I finally managed to team with Ojama in a couple tournaments. The sheer amount of learning you attain from just sharing a chat with someone so amazing is actually incredible, as I had my best year in tournaments after all this time playing the game basically because of how much I learned from the shit talking the Kingpin does in the Scooters / Serpents channels. And oh my god how I love it when he shit talks. Whether he is flaming, whining, bitching, being mean, trolling, building some of the wackest teams ever with even more wack ev spreads, adding terrible emojis to discord channels, outplaying his opponents, being a great teammate, or helping you become better at the game, he's doing it all with perfect mastery. And for that, I can only be grateful. At the end of the day, Ojama is a showman doing it all for his fans. And I, Ojammy's #1 fan, am here to witness yet another spectacle from the goat himself.
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