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I don't use an admin thread for OLT...

In a recent quit-post/self-destruct Zuchtrest, the winner of OLT V, publicly confirmed that he was an alt of Wings of Night. In addition, he also confirmed that he was responsible for creating a second alt, Yugi Löw, and entering it into cycle one of OLT V. As per Smogon policy the Zuchtrest account was banned by upper staff for being an alt, and the original Wings of Night account was infracted for creating multiple accounts.

In addition, entering a tournament with multiple alts is strictly prohibited, and as a result Wings of Night has been tournament banned. As Zuchtrest/Wings of Night was banned and broke tournament rules by entering the tour multiple times, his trophy has been revoked.

This situation—in short—sucks and we as a TD team are going to look over our process and how we deal with alts and see if we can do more to better prevent this from happening again in the future.

If anyone has more questions about this feel free to pm, vm, or otherwise contact the TD team in whatever way you want.

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