Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VI - Finals [Won by Tricking]

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“Va dentro il pallone, lo mette fuori Cannavaro…poi ancora insiste Podolski, CANNAVARO, CANNAVARO! Via il contropiede con Totti, dentro il pallone per Gilardino, Gilardino la può tenere anche vicino alla bandierina, cerca l’uno contro uno…dentro Del Piero, DEL PIEROOOO GOOOOOOOL ALEEEX DEL PIEROOOO…CHIUDETE LE VALIGIE, SI VA A BERLINO BEPPE, SI VA A BERLINO”



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Before saying anything, I must thank 2 users in particular for this run: Lopunny Kicks (for every team i used in playoffs) and ramboss (for most teams in previous phases).

Then, easiest games of my life in finals "LOLOL this guys atrocious" - gama 2k19. Woatli.

It was a fun ride considering i didn't plan to join this and then ended up playing only because Averardo said I was crustli.
Additional shoutouts to wof, hmnip, kebab, niko, rexus, sayuze (the idiot) for being there when i needed help with tests and olt-related stuff; i appreciated aurella's scouting help for finals, too.

s/o FILO GANG (mr. GLOCK DRACO Q17 BOSS SPIDER, gli amici di surviv, un coniglio, watchop, riccio e il celle, kakka :c) and the italian community as a whole, THE BAKERS and CCLM. WG stays poor on the other side, especially user: blarghlfarghl (literally a loser without the balls to play eo in snake).

I appreciated every single person rooting for me and those approaching me before finals. It really meant a lot.

ei @atli :3 vakatalesau :3

Woatli out.


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Congrats to both players on their run. That aside, I truly wish the community wasnt so willing to drop all its sportmanship standards on the basis of the playing skill of the users involved. It feels like this was adressed times and times again but here we are rewarding objectively awful attitudes displayed in the finals of one of our biggest tour, yet another extremely poor look for the community as a whole.
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