Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VI - Playoffs (Swiss) Round 1

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This r1 doesnt seem too hot in the by the spectators side but i hope it is just a first impression, specially considering that half this pool has no overall appearence in tournaments. I have many friends here so idt im rooting for anyone in special, maybe im a bit more on ash's side since hes the only brazilian playing, but if i had to bet now, id say the tour is going to either ABR or Tricking, with Ojama and Star having all the tools to bring it home. Excited to see the next rounds' games as we surely will have some hot highlights here and there with the big names, good luck to everyone by now tho. :heart:
As I’ve said before I do not care who wins as I enjoy watching games of smogon. I hope to see some great and enjoyable games especially with the new faces on the scene such as Ahsan,Michy,Samqian and the old dudes like ABR,Ojama,Empo. I would like to see preparation from these guys as well as beautiful games. Good luck to everyone participating in this tournament it has been a struggle but you all deserve to have a shot here today.
Tricking vs Ilyakomaster - unhuman
imsosorrylol vs le LLiolae - can’t predict
Hayburner vs Sacri' - both great but hay could get better mu imo
Kebab mlml vs Charmflash - unhuman
Rexus vs Typhlosion48 - can’t predict
Mimolette vs Pierrick - feel
Insult vs ABR - ABR is unhuman, but insult has potential for crazy play
Ojama vs frisoeva - unhuman
Updated Kanto vs Ash KetchumGamer - can’t
Twixtry vs Lopunny Kicks - can’t
michy47 vs Ahsan-219 - ahsan sometimes unhuman, sometimes clicker
Chaitanya vs Relous - can’t
Liones vs Star - unhuman
Dora vs Tace - can’t
Mob Barley vs Samqian - mob is human, but i believe you lol
beatiful vs Empo - unhuman

they all are nice players and obviously better than me, just my opinion. mob barley got trophy tho
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