Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VII - Quarterfinals

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(Art by ium)

Remember, all matches are to be played in a BEST OF THREE format, and all standard SS OU rules apply. Any DLC2 releases will not be available for use for the remainder of the tournament.


Tricking vs Quartosa
Empo vs Separation
beatiful vs imjustgray
Sacri' vs John W

Please, let us know in the thread when you will be playing once your games are scheduled, we would all very much like to spectate.

Sunday, October 25th @ 11:59 PM EST
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vs Quartosa - Tricking has been one of the most dominant players over the last couple of years. He has a creative style that keeps people guessing, he is not afraid to take big risks when he needs to come back in games, and he does not seem to mind the pressure of playoff situations. Quartosa has shown some promise, but he's inexperienced and he probably should have fell to Punny. I still view him as a great player and I know he will be back here in the future, but right now it's Tricking's time.

Empo vs Separation - My favorite series (and Sacri'-John W is an amazing series, so this says a LOT). Separation is arguably the hottest player in SS OU right now. He dominated qualifiers and has been cruising through these rounds to get to this point. His teams are interesting and he is clearly a capable player despite the lack of official experience. Empo, on the other hand, has been a top player for a bit now, having done well in many officials. He is in the middle of an amazing year and he is one of the best SS players out there. I gotta favor him because of that. I think it's hard to pick against Empo because of all of this, but this should be a close, three game set.

beatiful vs imjustgray - bea has been doing really well lately. STour, Snake, and OLT have shown that he is a capable player in this tier. While bea still lacks the same level of experience as other veterans in this field, he plays the SS metagame plenty and has made it this far. In addition, imjustgray is probably one of the least experienced yet. His run has still been very impressive though; he has taken down very strong players and is starting to make quite the name for himself. I feel like bea might be the one to take him down, however, as bea is on a tear currently. Close series overall, but I'll side with the more known of the two.

Sacri' vs John W - Sacri' is doing very well recently. After a tough WCOP, he came back and won 5 of 7 in SSD while qualifying for OLT and making it this far. It's clear that he thrives in this metagame and is comfortable with the teams he has been picking. John W has also shown some great play recently, dominating WCOP and qualifying with ease. However, there have also been some more recent struggles that lead me to believe he is still not quite as consistent as someone like Sacri'. He also got a bit fortunate against Tace last round, but he still has been playing well more often than not. Overall, this is a close series and either of these two can not only win here, but win the tour outright, and I would not be surprised. I side with Sacri', but I'm expecting a three game thriller.

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Tricking (40) vs. Quartosa (60)Quartosa has been doing very well throughout this tournament in playoffs I think that if he believes in himself he can win this tour and although Tricking has won against Soulwind in the previous round I keep giving Quartosa the edge beacuse he has been playing very well and he is a solid player.
Empo (70) vs. Separation (30) I feel like empo has been doing consistantly well in many tours where as this is the first tour I see Separation in, he is a threath for sure but I give Empo the bold in this case cause I've seen him playing at this state of tours more than Separation.
Sacri' (45) vs John W (55) I feel this can go either way but I am going to give John W a slight edge over Sacri' beacuse he has been playing very solid lately.
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Tricking vs Quartosa Tricking is the favorite of the tournament to take all , he knows how to play everything and take advantage of the weaknesses of the team building of each opponent, he is more serene ingame and always plays at his best level.
quartos nevertheless remains a good obstacle, very little known on the smogon scene he showed that he was able to win this tournament thanks to his very thoughtful plays with solid teams overall, he lacks to beat the experience and the madness at the team building

Empo vs Separation
Empo is this consistent player with his own style, I have always liked his way of playing and preparing for tournaments, he always knows the weaknesses and strengths of his teams which make him a formidable player.
Separation is for me the underdog of the tournament, he arrived out of nowhere and crushed everyone, his teams are very solid but advantage to the player who had the most points in a smogontour season L
beatiful vs imjustgray
I don't know much about them but I know they are doing well now, bea has a lot of support and in addition he builds very well ,
But I'm going to go with gray which for me is his time to perform
Sacri' vs John W
A very close pairing here, two very strong players, same than empo I also always liked the way of playing sacri and I will bet on him to take this bo. Sacri is for me top 5/6 in ss ou on smogon, John was also in the best but I felt a slight drop maybe because of the limits that the ss ou can offer in teambuilding before the dlc which is fair,
I think it's time for them to build teams that will make the difference, because the ingame is for me the same here.
Empo vs Separation - separation is having a really strong OLT only dropping 1 set in swiss rounds and taking out brazilian wonder kid mncmt in top 16 but empo on the other hand has had a very dominant year putting up insane performances pretty much every tour. Although empo started the swiss rounds with a lackluster performance, he has quickly bounced back and has set up one of the best series in the top 8 along with Sacri vs John W. Even though I favour empo here separation is a very dangerous player with his unique style that has potential to beat anyone in this pool.

Sacri vs John W - Another highlight series of this round between some of the best SS OU players. Ever since wcop everyone has been on john ws nuts and for good reason, He put up a really good wcop performance followed by dominating the OLT ladder for what seemed like 3/4 cycles but the hype surrounding him has died down a bit after taking some loses in tours such as snake these loses being due to reasons such as bad gameplay and just being to predictable in teambuilder(shoutout botwin). While sacri is coming off a pretty poor wcop he has been very good in both snake and OLT and sacri has a playstyle that poses major problems to john w safe team choices. I favor John as a builder and lately he’s been willing to use some more crazy team choices even if they backfire like the unholy dd knock necrozma vs tace. I give a small edge to John, but it's very close and this is probably the closest series between two very comfortable players in SS OU.

Bea vs Gray - Bea has been solid as of late with putting up good results in smogon tour, and obviously making it to top 8 of OLT. Gray on the other hand is relatively new and has been cruising so far through OLT. The one problem with gray is that he doesn’t switch up his team choices often since he doesn’t build his teams in the tier. I think this series could go either way but Bea should be favored off more experience and unpredictability in the builder. Either way both of these guys are in the middle of a Cinderella run.

Tricking vs Quartos - Tricking is easily one of the best players on the site right now and has simply been dominating OLT thus far and i dont think quartosa is gonna be the one to stop his reign of dominance this tour. Huge edge to tricking.


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Tricking vs Quartosa - Tricking is 100% the best player on smogon rn
Empo vs Separation - both are really good but Empo is more experienced, and I'm rooting for him
Bea vs imjustgray - ma bro bea is really good and I'm rooting for him, he also brings cool teams and he always has godlike ideas
Sacri vs John W - hl of the week but I think John W has the edge here
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