Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VIII - Finals [Won by Ox the Fox]

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Won in 2 vs Soulwind, ggs

Overall, extremely happy with my performance this tour. Proud of myself for how well my prep went in this series plus for how perfectly I executed. I'm also proud of the fact that I built all my teams myself, except for the cursed claw team by eoat and the kyurem spikes team by devin. It's a great feeling to go from someone who was terrible in SPL only 10 months ago, to someone who learned from his mistakes and has been dominant in every tour since. I'm glad I managed to secure an individual trophy and a team trophy (hopefully 2) before I likely take a break after SCL.

In terms of personal shoutouts first off, gotta give a big shoutout to Eo Ut Mortus and Empo, as teaming with you guys, watching your play, and incorporating some of the things you do into my own play has improved my game a ton. Another huge shoutouts to TPP as you're one of my closest friends on this site and the guy I would test/bounce ideas around with the most. Also thanks to fabwooloo and devin for giving me scouts vs punny and soulwind, the extra effort helped me with my prep a lot. Finally, thanks to everyone who's been supporting me these past few weeks and being people I enjoy talking to Hypertonix Baloor Waves AM Katy HSA peap Gray Storm Zone AquaVanilla Rubyblood Stone_Cold Finchinator Clone pdt Piyush25, everyone on US South, everyone on islanders, the ND community, and many more.
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congrats ox, i always knew u had it in you even after the dreadful spl, u always make me enjoy ur battles even after a bad day for me, hope you have a great scl season and i hope you get more tournament success, wish u the best of luck in ur future battles!


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having been lucky enough to benefit from some of the innovation / spectate some of the goated gameplay I honestly don't think there could have been a more deserving winner

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