Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VIII - Semifinals

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Ox the Fox vs Punny
devin vs SoulWind

Rooting for Ox and Devin, as it would be awesome to see an all-Academy finals.

That said, gl to all, getting to this point is obviously a great achievement and each of you would be a worthy champion. Looking forward to some great matches!


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Ox the Fox vs Punny: it’s the year of the ox. Nuff said. He’s been on a roll this year and I’m not sure Punny is enough to stop it
devin vs SoulWind: devins been really impressive this tour and I’d be remiss to not predict him to win
A better form of predictions:

O/U 2.5 Glowking or Hail teams Ox Brings Under, however my guess is 2.
O/U 2.5 Mons UUBL or lower Devin Brings Toss Up, I got the over.
Will there be a 6-0 Might just be the Spectator in me but yes since I want to see it.
Punny doesn't bring at least one fat/semistall/stall team PFFFFFF, No
O/U 0.5 webs teams Soulwind loads up Over
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