Smogon's VGC 2012 Tournament - Round 1

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Opponent still has not contacted me. Would it be bad to ask for another sub since I'm free all day today.
Me and my opponent have only gotten one battle done and I doubt he will be on by the deadline to battle. So I won 1-0 and submitting the log right now.


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Despite being a clear favorite in this tournament, i got knocked off 2-0 by the mighty B-Lulz, gg, it was fun.

VGC is fun anyway ! Was cool to play my first game !
I've only had one battle with my opponent in which I won (log submitted). We have been unable to find a suitable time to complete the other battles so far.
My opponent doesn't seem to be interested in participating in this tourny. I have been ready since day 1 to battle yet my opponent just kept on delaying our matches. I've spent countless hours waiting online on these last few days to accomodate him yet I still get no reply for an actual battle...
Tiffanyy and I have been attempting to get a battle time arranged, but I can't state with confidence that it will happen before the deadline.

Will keep trying though.


/me cresselias
kingofkongs and I have both had some technology issues the past two days but have potential battle times organized. If we can get an extension by a couple days that would be great! ^_^


I did my best, I have no regrets!
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My new opponent, Hyperbeem, still hasn't been able to get his computer fixed and is dropping out. If you sub him out I can play someone else instead.
Sorry about inactivity, but I'm back!
And am about to have a ton of free time, so it's RiOdO's fault if we don't get a battle.
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