Smogon's VGC 2012 Tournament - Round 2

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I suppose I should make an activity post, since it looks like we might not get this done. We both kinda assumed we would run into each other and never did (though he did try me once when I was afk, but he was gone when I returned). I'll try to get this done, but he hasn't been on since the 7th, so my hopes aren't high. An extension would be ideal.
Won against Gene 2-1, gg's. No real hax to my memory, that's always nice. Can't find the logs, pretty sure I saved them....
Knightofthewind has made no effort to contact me as of yet. I submitted my team a couple days ago, so consider this an activity post.
We'll likely get this done fairly quickly even though it'd be late, I had internet issues the first night we could play and then he had to leave early to go on a vacation the second night we were going to play and then was on vacation after that so we couldn't play after that.


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We agreed to battle yesterday or today around 12-14hrs EST, I waited both days for Xtrashine to come but he didn't show up; now I have to go away, I have things to do and I can't wait for him anymore...

maybe if he did have an issue or something, we could ask for an extension...
Confirming, ggs

I got excited when I won the first game but then I lost the next two lol. I still did better than I thought I would though.


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We were going to play today in the timeframe from 3-7 and he didnt get on. Requesting a few days extension so we can get this done.
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