Smogon's VGC 2012 Tournament - Round 3

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Lost 2-1 to sixonesix. First two games were awesome but an untimely miss kinda took me out of the last game. GGs and good luck!
I've messaged my opponent for hopefully the last time, if he doesnt reply again an extension wuld be nice. For some reason i dont htink he realizes he is 9 hours ahead of me 0_o
Guy hasn't been on since April 19th and hasn't submitted his team yet. Probably won't get it done at this point because of his activity.
fitzy72 and I tried our best to setup a time, but the time difference was a but much for us. Not looking like it is going to happen. =\


beware of coco
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if is possible can i have an extension to do the battle?if is not possible you can consider this message as an other activity post.
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